Geneva Push is an Australian Church planting network . We aim to inspire, equip and unleash a new generation of church planters dedicated to evangelising churches into existence.


The difference a network makes by Jai Wright

Jai and Jay-Ellen Wright planted Mackay Evangelical Church in Queensland in 2011. He talks about how much coaching, advice and input from across Geneva Push's planter's network has made for them and the church three years on.  >>>

Posted: 24 April 2014
The coaching relationship by Tim Baldwin

Victorian church planter Richard Wilson shares with Tim Baldwin what it's been like to have Andrew Heard as his coach and the benefits Geneva's coaching relationship delivers for ministry.  >>>

Posted: 23 April 2014
Four steps to better coaching by Col Marshall

Ever wondered what good coaching really looks like? Veteran ministry coach Col Marshall demonstrates the four basic steps in the GROW method of coaching. This is an extended version of the video that was showcased at The Geneva Push's Multiply12 conference.  >>>

Posted: 23 April 2014
Traps for ethnic plants by Peter Ko

The Planter Sessions are a series of webinars, hosted by Geneva Push, interviewing different Australian planters and leaders on various planting, ministry, and pastoral topics. In our fifth Planter Session Al Stewart interviews Peter Ko about the traps and trials of planning and planting ethnic congregations. Peter Ko is a…  >>>

Posted: 17 April 2014
Coaching the crucial difference for Botany by Editor

“Before I got coached, I thought, what would I need a coach for?” says Kurt Peters, standing at the front of his church plant in the Sydney suburb of Botany. “I figured I’d been in ministry for six years. I just had to go down to Botany and everything would…  >>>

Posted: 16 April 2014
“I didn’t think I needed a coach” by Kurt Peters

Kurt Peters planted New Church in Botany in 2010 and, though an experienced minister, soon found himself out of his depth. He talks about the importance of coaching and how it has transformed both him and the church life at St Matthews Anglican Church.  >>>

Posted: 16 April 2014
The best coaching is the sort that… by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard, senior pastor at EV Church on New South Wales' Central Coast, reflects with Mark Hadley on the best things he received from the ad hoc coaching he organised for himself as a young church planter. And he believes the benefits are even more magnified when planters are able…  >>>

Posted: 10 April 2014
Building The Evangelism Machine by Mikey Lynch, Craig Dobbie

Mikey Lynch interviews EV Church's Craig Dobbie on how to establish and develop your church as one that has evangelism as part of its DNA. He deals with both the broad principles and practical steps from the experience of having developed EV's evangelism strategies from its early days as a…  >>>

Posted: 21 March 2014
City-sensitive ministry by Aaron Boyd

Mark Hadley talks to city church planter Aaron Boyd talks about taking the temperature of the city of Darebin and using what he's discovered to shape a ministry sensitive to urban culture but faithful to the Gospel's call.  >>>

Posted: 21 March 2014
Webinar: Know Your City by Al Stewart, Derek Hanna

How do you begin to understand a city's culture? Who are the key people for creating connections? Al Stewart discusses with Brisbane church planter Derek Hanna the art of planting in a new place.  >>>

Posted: 21 March 2014
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