Geneva Push is an Australian Church planting network . We aim to inspire, equip and unleash a new generation of church planters dedicated to evangelising churches into existence.


Three key areas to watch if you’re going to avoid burnout by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard, senior pastor at EV Church, tells Mark Hadley that avoiding burnout is not all about taking regular breaks. There are three key areas ministers have to keep an eye on if they're to avoid exhausting their drive for ministry.  >>>

Posted: 20 August 2014
Surviving the hard times by Todd Hall

Todd Hall is a church planter who, with his wife Laurel, founded The Exchange Church in Shepparton, Victoria three years ago. His choice to adopt a 'tent-maker' style of planting (working and planting at the same time) brought more than normal pressures to bear. He shares with Geneva Push the…  >>>

Posted: 18 August 2014
Beating Burn Out by Al Stewart, Grant Bickerton

Christian psychologist Grant Bickerton (Campus Crusade for Christ) offers practical tips and vital wisdom to church planters and workers - about how to avoid stress, relax more, and beat burn out. This August 2014 instalment of Geneva Push's Planter Sessions, is an essential resource for perseverance in Christian ministry. You…  >>>

Posted: 14 August 2014
Building effective leadership teams by Dan Godden, Mikey Lynch

Part of Geneva Push's Planter Sessions, Mikey Lynch works through the ABCs of building a leadership team with Salt Church's Dan Godden. Mikey addresses crucial issues for every team leader, including the key differences between volunteers and staff, the pace for expanding a team, conflict management, and training up self-starting leaders.…  >>>

Posted: 24 July 2014
Building the best launch team by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard, senior pastor at EV Church, talks about the key positions that a church planter needs to fill on his core team, preferably before breaking ground, and the next three key positions that should follow as the congregation begins to grow.  >>>

Posted: 18 July 2014
From Little Things… Audio by Richard Wilson, Peter Blanch

Richard Wilson probes Peter Blanch on his experience developing ministries from scratch in regional Australia.  >>>

Posted: 4 July 2014
Empowering Mission-Shaped Lives Audio by David Lynch, Clinton Berends

Clinton Berends opens this conference at Reformed Theological College, Geelong VIC by directing his audience' attention to 2 Corinthians 4 in order to set the tone for mission in the life of a church.  >>>

Posted: 2 July 2014
Can you answer ‘yes’ to these Mission questions? by Sam Hilton

Sam Hilton from Hunter Bible Church provides a helpful diagnostic tool for pastors wanting to know if there church is really on Mission. Answering all four will give you a good idea how committed your congregation is to reaching out to the lost. Click here to hear more of Sam…  >>>

Posted: 11 June 2014
Is your church a Gospel church? by Sam Hilton

Sam Hilton from Hunter Bible Church shares with Scott Sanders the three steps that planters need to take if they're to ensure their work will produce a Gospel centred church. Click here to hear more of Sam Hilton's talks from the Gospel Footprints network event.   >>>

Posted: 9 June 2014
Gospel Footprints Network Event by Cathie Heard, Sam Hilton

Sam Hilton unpacks what the gospel is and its implications for church life.  >>>

Posted: 9 June 2014
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