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Unlocking the migrant mind-set by Peter Ko

Pete Ko builds on his last webinar (Traps for Ethnic Plants) by talking about the kinds of things that make migrants ‘tick’. What do their hopes, dreams, values and ideals mean when you're planting a church? Pete is a Sydney pastor with significant experience in the area of ethnic ministries.…  >>>

Posted: 5 November 2014
Multicultural church planting - perils and promise by Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer reveals the realities of multicultural church planting discovered by his international research and discusses how to make churches more reflective of the multicultural Kingdom of God.  >>>

Posted: 22 October 2014
Multicultural church planting - questions and discussion by Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer is joined by Eugene Hor (lead pastor of GracePoint church, Burwood), Peter Lin (senior minister at St Barnabas Bosley Park) and Bruce Hall (the director of Evangelism and New Churches) to discuss the development of multicultural churches.  >>>

Posted: 22 October 2014
Developing a culture that connects with culture by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard discusses the importance of understanding the culture surrounding your church, as well as developing a culture that continues to offer the distinctives of the Gospel.  >>>

Posted: 22 October 2014
The value of church planting - controlling the diary! by Tim Grant

In our latest series on the value of church planting, Tim Grant from Grace Christian Community church talks to Mark Hadley about the cultural connections he and Belinda have been able to make because of the control they have over their ministry diaries.  >>>

Posted: 20 October 2014
Eugene Hor’s keys to multicultural ministry by Eugene Hor

Eugene Hor, Lead English pastor of English ministries at GracePoint church in Sydney, describes the transitions his church has gone through as it's developed its ministry to Chinese migrants and their families. In the process he describes pit-falls they fell into, and the realisation that the key factor for success…  >>>

Posted: 15 October 2014
Reaching Multicultural Australia by Peter Ko, Ray Galea, Richard Hibbert

Derek Hanna leads a discussion panel with Ray Galea (MBM Rooty Hill), Peter Ko (South-West Chinese Christian Church) and Richard Hibbert (Sydney Missionary  & Bible College) on key lessons in establishing and growing multicultural ministry.  >>>

Posted: 8 October 2014
Traps for ethnic plants by Peter Ko

The Planter Sessions are a series of webinars, hosted by Geneva Push, interviewing different Australian planters and leaders on various planting, ministry, and pastoral topics. In our fifth Planter Session Al Stewart interviews Peter Ko about the traps and trials of planning and planting ethnic congregations. Peter Ko is a…  >>>

Posted: 6 October 2014
The church planting couple by Andrew Heard, Cathie Heard

Cathie and Andrew Heard talk about their history of learning together how to plant a church as a couple, and how both understanding and practical outcomes have changed as their ministry has matured.  >>>

Posted: 18 September 2014
Gospel partnerships that change the world by Scott Sanders, John Rinehart

In this month's Planter Session, Scott Sanders talks to John Rinehart about the wealthy men and women of vision God raised up to change the world, and how their witness should affect the way we give today. John Rinehart is the author of Gospel Patronage, which many in the Geneva Push…  >>>

Posted: 12 September 2014
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