Geneva Push is an Australian Church planting network . We aim to inspire, equip and unleash a new generation of church planters dedicated to evangelising churches into existence.




2014 Coaches Conference - Day 2 by Al Stewart, Peter Mayrick, Stephen Lindeman

The second day's resources from Geneva Push's training conference for church planter coaches. Al Stewart dissects Colossians 3:20, 21 for Geneva coaches, uncovering the key principles of a church planter's family life.  >>>

Posted: 12 March 2014
2014 Coaches Conference - Day 1 by Al Stewart, Col Marshall, Peter Mayrick

The first day's resources from Geneva Push's training conference for church planter coaches. Al Stewart goes to the first chapter of Colossians to show ministers what their congregations most need to hear - and discovers that patience and endurance are of primary importance for all God's children.  >>>

Posted: 12 March 2014
The 2014 Plant Conference by Duane Olivier, Allan Chapple

Perth's Duane Olivier and Allan Chapple examine the roots of Christian leadership and the power Jesus supplies for evangelism at the 2014 Plant Conference, jointly run by 121 Degress and Geneva Push. Duane Olivier begins the Plant Convention with an encouragement about God's work in evangelism, building particularly from Matthew…  >>>

Posted: 12 March 2014
Why we got assessed by Lee and Cathra Murray

Lee and Cathra Murray are preparing to plant a church in 2015. With so many things to do, find out why they put getting assessed as church planters by Geneva Push near the top of their list. Click here to find out all you need to know about church planter…  >>>

Posted: 3 February 2014
Multiply13 conference questions by Andrew Heard, Ed Stetzer

Multiply13 keynote conference speakers Ed Stetzer and Andrew Heard field general questions arising from three days of focussing on developing church planting in Australia.   >>>

Posted: 4 December 2013
Towards an Australian church planting assessment tool by Scott Sanders, Ed Stetzer

Geneva Push's Scott Sanders and Ed Stetzer from Lifeways Research announce the research that has gone into the development of an Australian-specific assessment tool for identifying and encouraging church planters.  >>>

Posted: 4 December 2013
Reaching Multicultural Australia by Peter Ko, Ray Galea, Richard Hibbert

Derek Hanna leads a discussion panel with Ray Galea (MBM Rooty Hill), Peter Ko (South-West Chinese Christian Church) and Richard Hibbert (Sydney Missionary  & Bible College) on key lessons in establishing and growing multicultural ministry.  >>>

Posted: 4 December 2013
How to plant a church: Mission Models by Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer advises church planters to, "Hold your models loosely and your Jesus firmly - if its not universally true, you should not make it a universal requirement for church."  >>>

Posted: 4 December 2013
Expectations, Eternity and God by Andrew Heard

Jesus warns his disciples about what life will be like when he is gone - battles without, battles within and the frequent feeling that God is absent. But normal Christianity costs and our Lord does us a favour warning us. But there is something far more important at stake than…  >>>

Posted: 4 December 2013
MBM under the bonnett by Ray Galea, Sandy Galea, Bruce Winters

The leadership team from Multicultural Bible Ministries at Rooty Hill share the history of their founding and the lessons they’ve learned in setting up management and ministry structures. In particular initial evangelism, the 5M model and children’s ministry.  >>>

Posted: 3 December 2013
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