Leadership skills

6 more steps to a missional culture

Following up from his first post, Dave Jensen, the Missions Pastor from MBM Church, shares six more points that have helped his team create a greater missional culture within their congregation. See his first article for the first five points - Ed. 6) Equip your evangelists Evangelistic training is only

5 steps to a missional culture

Keen to increase the missional focus of your church? In this post Dave Jensen, the Missions Pastor from MBM Church, shares the first five of eleven points that have helped his team create a greater missional culture within their congregation - Ed. 1) The second conversion Statistically speaking, most Christians will

Mobilising effective evangelism

Geneva Push founding director and church planter Mikey Lynch teams up with Craign Hamilton from Glenmore Park Anglcan church to talk about enlisting congregation members into the great task of evangelism.

Lessons for Launch Velocity

Derek Hanna and Richard Perkins, experienced church planters, discuss key points for preparing a core group for a successful launch.

Leadership Development Systems

Scott Curtis and Greg Lee discuss the development of effective leadership development systems through Hunter Bible Church, and how to apply them to even the smallest church context.

How God’s mission and the Gospel shape how we manage criticism

Join Deb Baldwin (EV Church Planter with husband Tim) as she speaks with Al Stewart and Anna Moss on how to manage feedback and criticism from inside and outside your church. 

Leadership and staffing a growing church

TED-style talks at Multiply17! Dan Godden, lead pastor at Salt Church Wollongong, speaks about the importance of forgetting the credit, and getting out of the way of your leadership team. In essence, don't be afraid of what God might do. 

Two questions you should be asking your leadership team

TED-style talks at Multiply17! Ray Galea, founder and pastor of Multicultural Bible Ministry, talks about the two questions he has learned to ask every leader over twenty years of managing a ministry team.

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