Leadership skills

Six key vision mission values

Having described the importance of churches adopting Vision Mission Values, Andrew Heard launches into the first six that should shape the way we think and witness.

What are vision mission values?

Vision Mission Values - it sounds like a bunch of business-speak, but Andrew Heard explains what they are, and how identifying them can change the way you do church for the better.

Planting Gospel Ministry and the story of Comission

Richard Coekin shares what he has learned from the church planting stage of mission, using the British network Comission as a working example.

Tension in women’s ministry

How do you deal with the bruised feelings that can sometimes threaten to stop women's ministry in its tracks - yours and the people you care for? Church planting wife Cathie Heard shares how she has learned to deal with tension before it can take hold and steer a

Tension in the minister’s fraternal

Tension between local ministries is a real tool in the hands of the devil to frustrate Christian fellowship and hamper the progress of the Gospel. Experienced church planter Andrew Heard shares how much weight to give to tension between local pastors, and how to stop it hamstringing your service.

The implications of complementarianism

Don Carson shows what it should mean for the church if it truly believes that men and women are equally important to God, equally made in his image, but there are distinctions beyond one can have babies.

The implications of complementarianism - questions

Don Carson answers questions arising from his thorough argument for the equality of men and women but their different purposes under God.

The church planting couple

Cathie and Andrew Heard talk about their history of learning together how to plant a church as a couple, and how both understanding and practical outcomes have changed as their ministry has matured.

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