Geneva Push is an Australian Church planting network . We aim to inspire, equip and unleash a new generation of church planters dedicated to evangelising churches into existence.




Traps for ethnic plants by Peter Ko

The Planter Sessions are a series of webinars, hosted by Geneva Push, interviewing different Australian planters and leaders on various planting, ministry, and pastoral topics. In our fifth Planter Session Al Stewart interviews Peter Ko about the traps and trials of planning and planting ethnic congregations. Peter Ko is a…  >>>

Posted: 17 April 2014
The best coaching is the sort that… by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard, senior pastor at EV Church on New South Wales' Central Coast, reflects with Mark Hadley on the best things he received from the ad hoc coaching he organised for himself as a young church planter. And he believes the benefits are even more magnified when planters are able…  >>>

Posted: 10 April 2014
Building The Evangelism Machine by Mikey Lynch, Craig Dobbie

Mikey Lynch interviews EV Church's Craig Dobbie on how to establish and develop your church as one that has evangelism as part of its DNA. He deals with both the broad principles and practical steps from the experience of having developed EV's evangelism strategies from its early days as a…  >>>

Posted: 21 March 2014
Training your core group to evangelise by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard shares his top methods for developing a culture of evangelism in your core group.  >>>

Posted: 20 March 2014
2014 Coaches Conference - Day 1 by Al Stewart, Col Marshall, Peter Mayrick

The first day's resources from Geneva Push's training conference for church planter coaches. Al Stewart goes to the first chapter of Colossians to show ministers what their congregations most need to hear - and discovers that patience and endurance are of primary importance for all God's children.  >>>

Posted: 12 March 2014
The Geneva Push vision by Editor

Geneva Push directors Al Stewart, Andrew Heard and Mikey Lynch share their vision for the Geneva Push church planting network, supported by dozens of Australian church planters who've already reaped the benefits of its ongoing support.  >>>

Posted: 3 December 2013
Interview with with Ed Stetzer by Ed Stetzer

Geneva Push Multiply13 host Toby Neal interviews missiologist Ed Stetzer on his experience with church planting.  >>>

Posted: 3 December 2013
Creating a culture of maturity by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard, senior pastor at EV Church on NSW's Central Coast, speaks with Geneva's Mark Hadley about six key steps for creating a culture of maturity in any church plant. In particular he discusses those qualities that are especially needed in candidates for leadership positions. Andrew Heard will be one…  >>>

Posted: 1 October 2013
Evangelism - Adressing the challenges by Dan Godden, Craig Dobbie

Pastor Dan Godden and Evangelist Trainer Craig Dobbie discuss the practical steps for assisting the modern Australian pastor, the average Christian and the unbeliever come to terms with importance of the Gospel.  >>>

Posted: 18 July 2013
The right staffing model for growth by Andrew Heard

When starting a new plant many congregations begin with the model of finding the leader and replicating the services enjoyed by the mother church. But is that the most efficient way to break ground for God? Andrew Heard reveals a different approach to staffing that frees the point man to…  >>>

Posted: 26 June 2013
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