Geneva Push is an Australian Church planting network . We aim to inspire, equip and unleash a new generation of church planters dedicated to evangelising churches into existence.




Reaching Multicultural Australia by Peter Ko, Ray Galea, Richard Hibbert

Derek Hanna leads a discussion panel with Ray Galea (MBM Rooty Hill), Peter Ko (South-West Chinese Christian Church) and Richard Hibbert (Sydney Missionary  & Bible College) on key lessons in establishing and growing multicultural ministry.  >>>

Posted: 8 October 2014
Gospel partnerships that change the world by Scott Sanders, John Rinehart

In this month's Planter Session, Scott Sanders talks to John Rinehart about the wealthy men and women of vision God raised up to change the world, and how their witness should affect the way we give today. John Rinehart is the author of Gospel Patronage, which many in the Geneva Push…  >>>

Posted: 12 September 2014
Building the best launch team by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard, senior pastor at EV Church, talks about the key positions that a church planter needs to fill on his core team, preferably before breaking ground, and the next three key positions that should follow as the congregation begins to grow.  >>>

Posted: 18 July 2014
Can you answer ‘yes’ to these Mission questions? by Sam Hilton

Sam Hilton from Hunter Bible Church provides a helpful diagnostic tool for pastors wanting to know if there church is really on Mission. Answering all four will give you a good idea how committed your congregation is to reaching out to the lost. Click here to hear more of Sam…  >>>

Posted: 11 June 2014
Is your church a Gospel church? by Sam Hilton

Sam Hilton from Hunter Bible Church shares with Scott Sanders the three steps that planters need to take if they're to ensure their work will produce a Gospel centred church. Click here to hear more of Sam Hilton's talks from the Gospel Footprints network event.   >>>

Posted: 9 June 2014
Gospel Footprints Network Event by Cathie Heard, Sam Hilton

Sam Hilton unpacks what the gospel is and its implications for church life.  >>>

Posted: 9 June 2014
Should you put aside money for church planting? by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard, church planter and senior pastor at EV Church gives a surprising answer to whether or not church teams should budget to give money to new church plants. He tells Mark Hadley that financial planning includes thinking about how NOT to sever the nerve between a congregation and evangelism.  >>>

Posted: 22 May 2014
Webinar: Know Your City by Al Stewart, Derek Hanna

How do you begin to understand a city's culture? Who are the key people for creating connections? Al Stewart discusses with Brisbane church planter Derek Hanna the art of planting in a new place.  >>>

Posted: 21 March 2014
Bigger the city, bigger the opportunity by Dan Godden

Dan Godden, lead pastor for Salt Church, reveals how planting in the city of Wollongong has revealed to his team the power of significant spaces for creating effective opportunities to connect with the unchurched.  >>>

Posted: 14 March 2014
A 20:20 view of Geneva by Scott Sanders

Scott Sanders talks to Vision Radio Network's Neil Johnson about what Geneva Push is and how it's helping church planters begin dozens of new Gospel-centred churches across Australia. The first step? Getting your potential as a church planter assessed... Click here if you're interested in finding out more about church…  >>>

Posted: 11 March 2014
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