Geneva Push is an Australian Church planting network . We aim to inspire, equip and unleash a new generation of church planters dedicated to evangelising churches into existence.




Webinar: Know Your City by Al Stewart, Derek Hanna

How do you begin to understand a city's culture? Who are the key people for creating connections? Al Stewart discusses with Brisbane church planter Derek Hanna the art of planting in a new place.  >>>

Posted: 21 March 2014
Bigger the city, bigger the opportunity by Dan Godden

Dan Godden, lead pastor for Salt Church, reveals how planting in the city of Wollongong has revealed to his team the power of significant spaces for creating effective opportunities to connect with the unchurched.  >>>

Posted: 14 March 2014
A 20:20 view of Geneva by Scott Sanders

Scott Sanders talks to Vision Radio Network's Neil Johnson about what Geneva Push is and how it's helping church planters begin dozens of new Gospel-centred churches across Australia. The first step? Getting your potential as a church planter assessed... Click here if you're interested in finding out more about church…  >>>

Posted: 11 March 2014
Five things I’ve learnt from church planting by Duane Olivier

Duane Olivier, Lead Pastor at Kingsley Community Church talks about his experiences starting works in major cities as well as their suburban satellites, and shares the five things he's learnt planting and leading new churches.  >>>

Posted: 10 March 2014
A street level look at Melbourne by Murray Campbell

Melbourne pastor Murray Campbell provides his street-level insights into the city of Melbourne from a church planter's perspective - underlining once again the importance of understanding a culture if you hope to connect it with the Gospel. If you're interested in understanding Melbourne's culture make sure you check out Murray…  >>>

Posted: 5 March 2014
The keys to planting in Perth by Rory Shiner

Rory Shiner, Lead Pastor at City Church Providence speaks about the character of Perth, its impact on establishing a church, the work of City Church and the key focus areas for reaching city dwellers of Perth. Please excuse the wind noise - Perth is not only a booming city, it's…  >>>

Posted: 3 March 2014
5 Things That Mean You’ll Fail Assessment by Andrew Heard

Al Stewart interviews EV Lead Pastor Andrew Heard on the challenges of being assessed as a church planter by Geneva Push - what it involves, what assessors look for and, most importantly, what things are likely to lead to a negative assessment. A must-watch webinar for those contemplating church planting…  >>>

Posted: 20 February 2014
What does it mean to fail an assessment? by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard talks to Mark Hadley from Geneva Push about the importance of church planters having their plans and characters assessed - and understanding what it means when you receive a negative result. Is it the end, or just the next step? Click here to sign up for Andrew Heard's…  >>>

Posted: 10 February 2014
Why we got assessed by Lee and Cathra Murray

Lee and Cathra Murray are preparing to plant a church in 2015. With so many things to do, find out why they put getting assessed as church planters by Geneva Push near the top of their list. Click here to find out all you need to know about church planter…  >>>

Posted: 3 February 2014
Towards an Australian church planting assessment tool by Scott Sanders, Ed Stetzer

Geneva Push's Scott Sanders and Ed Stetzer from Lifeways Research announce the research that has gone into the development of an Australian-specific assessment tool for identifying and encouraging church planters.  >>>

Posted: 4 December 2013
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