The Planter Sessions

The Planter Sessions are interactive, online training events for developing practical, just-in-time church planting skills. Each month we interview key Australian and global church planters and ministry thought leaders for the best content on a range of relevant topics, while providing you the opportunity to ask the question you really need answered.

The A-Z of Assessment

Mikey Lynch (Director of Geneva Push) interviews Scott Sanders (Executive Director of Geneva Push) and Greg Lee (Pastor at Hunter Bible Church) about the assessment process - and what potential planters (and planting couples) should expect from it.

A snapshot of Sex in Australia - and where we’re headed

Dr. Patricia Weerakoon, an internationally recognised sexoligist and Kamal Weerakoon, a Presbyterian Minister with a wealth of experience applying that research to spiritual contexts speak with Geneva Push's Craig Tucker about the changing character of sexuality in Australia today and the implications for the Australian church.

Talking naturally about Jesus

Cathie Heard interviews evangelist Wendy Potts in a discussion that explores how to make evangelism part of your normal everyday life, how to minimise the fear factor, and how to do it, even if you think you don’t have the skills of an “evangelist”.

Breaking into your community

How do you break into the local community with the gospel before you've opened the church doors? Whether its metropolitan Western Australia or holiday-oriented New South Wales, every locale has distinct markers that identify insiders and outsiders, key points for distributing information and acceptable ways of spreading it. 

Budget or fail

It's that simple: failing to properly think through the finances has led to the failure of a staggering percentage of church plants. Join experienced executive pastor Andrew Mitchell from EV Church and Geneva Push's Derek Hanna as they talk through the practical implications of preparing a budget for

Start something new, or strengthen something old?

Is it better to pioneer a new church or re-pot an old one? Geneva Push's founding director Mikey Lynch talks with UK pastor and evangelist Pete Woodcock about his experiences both pioneering new congregations from scratch, and utilizing the remnants of an older work to start something new. During

Inspiring generosity in and towards your church plant

Paul Harrington has decades of church planting experience in the Australian context under his belt. He has had to find the money to both start and sustain church plants in areas that have given established denominations pause for thought. What advice does he have for inspiring generosity towards and within

What to do with more than one culture

Geneva Push's Scott Sanders leads a discussion with ethnic church planter Peter Ko and the Church Missionary Society's David Williams about designing successful congregations and services that embrace more than one culture.

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