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Building effective leadership teams by Dan Godden, Mikey Lynch

Part of Geneva Push's Planter Sessions, Mikey Lynch works through the ABCs of building a leadership team with Salt Church's Dan Godden. Mikey addresses crucial issues for every team leader, including the key differences between volunteers and staff, the pace for expanding a team, conflict management, and training up self-starting leaders.…  >>>

Posted: 24 July 2014
Hub Church sets sites on Geelong by Phil Popping

Geneva Push planter Phil Popping talks to Scott Sanders about the challenges facing The Hub Church as it seeks to expand its witness to the city of Geelong and the 'new plant' struggles he hopes people will keep in their prayers.  >>>

Posted: 2 June 2014
New churches the key to new believers by Ben Pfahlert

Director of MTS (Ministry Training Strategy) Ben Pfahlert shares research that points to how God is using new churches to call new believers into the Kingdom.  >>>

Posted: 29 May 2014
Should you put aside money for church planting? by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard, church planter and senior pastor at EV Church gives a surprising answer to whether or not church teams should budget to give money to new church plants. He tells Mark Hadley that financial planning includes thinking about how NOT to sever the nerve between a congregation and evangelism.  >>>

Posted: 22 May 2014
The value of church planting - reconnecting the de-churched by Jai Wright

In our latest series on the value of church planting, Jai Wright from Mackay Evangelical Church talks to Mark Hadley about his and Jay-Ellen's success in contacting and creating opportunities the de-churched - people who have fallen out of relationship with the traditional church.  >>>

Posted: 21 May 2014
The value of church planting - speaking to the culture by Ollie Heggers

In our latest series on the value of church planting, Ollie Heggers tells Mark Hadley how he and Nadia have been able to build a church in Forrestdale WA that attracts people by developing culturally relevant evangelism and only including those elements in a service that focus on Jesus.  >>>

Posted: 21 May 2014
The value of church planting - controlling the diary! by Tim Grant

In our latest series on the value of church planting, Tim Grant from Grace Christian Community church talks to Mark Hadley about the cultural connections he and Belinda have been able to make because of the control they have over their ministry diaries.  >>>

Posted: 21 May 2014
The value of church planting - earning the right to witness by Peter Wood, Liz Wood

In our latest series on the value of church planting, Pete and Liz Wood talk to Mark Hadley about the hard years that frequently have to be put into building relationships with people turned off by the church, but the fruitful influence planters can have when they've earned their place…  >>>

Posted: 21 May 2014
Is church planting worth it? by Al Stewart, Mikey Lynch

Mikey Lynch, representing Tasmania's Vision 100 network, talks to Al Stewart about his personal and professional experiences overseeing church planting efforts in Australia. Is church planting worth it? Is it actually resulting in growing congregations that attract new people to the Gospel? Mikey answers these questions and shares some hard-learnt…  >>>

Posted: 15 May 2014
The coaching relationship by Tim Baldwin

Victorian church planter Richard Wilson shares with Tim Baldwin what it's been like to have Andrew Heard as his coach and the benefits Geneva's coaching relationship delivers for ministry.  >>>

Posted: 23 April 2014
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