The mother-daughter planting masterclass

Paul Harrington, veteran church planter and lead pastor behind the Holy Trinity network of churches in Adelaide, things through the key issues associated with planting as an extension of an existing church.

How to prepare for and lead multiple c4›ongregations

Wade Burnett has planted churches, pastored churches, merged churches and launched multisite campuses both in rural Louisiana and in suburban Nashville. For the past five years, in addition to his work in the local church, Wade has also served as a coach and consultant for pastors. In this seminar session

What will happen next?

Al Stewart, founding director of Geneva Push, gives a sobering analysis of the Gospel Climate Change that is both threatening the proclamation in Australia. But then the Gospel shines brightest in the dark.

How the planting is going in American and the UK

Richard Perkins (CO-Mission, city planting in London) & Wade Burnett (Multisite Solutions, USA) are interviewed about their church planting efforts, and how their networks differ from work in Australia.


In the third and final Bible talk for Multiply17, Peter Ko takes us to Isaiah 50:4-9 and Isaiah 52:13-53:12) to discover the atonement achieved by the Suffering Servant - and a warning for church planters who see themselves as saviours.

Resolve and Soma closures

Hans Kristensen and Pete Hughes share boldly and frankly with Lee Murray about the closures of their church plants, and the practical and personal lessons God taught them through these difficult times.

TED-style talks Q&A

Tuesday night's panel of TED-style ministry experts - Ray and Sandy Galea, Dan and Renee Godden - field questions from the floor ranging from leadership insights to leading kids to Christ.

The wife’s perspective

TED-style talks at Multiply17! Renae Godden, the female half of the planting couple that established Salt Church in Wollongong, speaks about the uncertain role of the 'church planter's wife' and how she found certainty in God's mission.

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