Everything you need to know about reading the Bible one-to-one

Richard Borgonon is one of Britain's most acclaimed evangelists, with a particular focus on one-to-one evangelism. In this series of discussions with Geneva Push, he discusses why one-to-one Bible reading is an extremely effective way of spreading the good news, and how it can be adapted by church plants

Training your core group to evangelise

Andrew Heard shares his top methods for developing a culture of evangelism in your core group.

You need a membership course

Coast EV pastor Chris Ekins talks about why membership courses were a 'must' for growing commitment to his church plant, and how he went about them.

Breaking into your community

How do you break into the local community with the gospel before you've opened the church doors? Whether its metropolitan Western Australia or holiday-oriented New South Wales, every locale has distinct markers that identify insiders and outsiders, key points for distributing information and acceptable ways of spreading it. 

Summer Mission

Dan Godden from Salt Church, Wollongong NSW, leads a panel of church planters who discuss the tactics they've adopted in order to run the most effective evangelistic outreach during Australia's relaxed summer months.

Summer Nights for city plants

Keris Hobbs from Salt Church, Wollongong, coordinated Summer Nights - a new take on holiday evangelism programs tailored to a beachside city. She shares what her church plant learnt from using their evening outreach activities to reach urban communities.

Engaging your community

Church planter Stuart Starr boils down evangelism to its most fundamental concept, and shares very simple approaches to witnessing that will free your congregation up from much unnecessary anxiety over witnessing.

Budget or fail

It's that simple: failing to properly think through the finances has led to the failure of a staggering percentage of church plants. Join experienced executive pastor Andrew Mitchell from EV Church and Geneva Push's Derek Hanna as they talk through the practical implications of preparing a budget for

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