Pastoring with Purpose - Membership

Andy Hobbs talks to Geneva Push's Scott Sanders about the necessity of developing good membership structures for church plants in order to build mature believers.

Pastoring with Purpose - Maturity

Geoff Ackman from Salt Church in Wollongong has a easy to remember definition for his goal as the Maturity pastor: growing Salt members in the knowledge of God, leading them to trust Him with their lives and obey Him in everything - but he tells Geneva Push's Scott Sanders

Pastoring with Purpose - Magnification

Tim Canosa, head of Magnification at Salt Church in Wollongong, describes to Geneva Push's Scott Sanders how his responsibilities go well beyond just ensuring there are enough people to lead singing and praying each week.

Pastoring with Purpose - Ministry

Dan Godden, pastor of Salt Church in Wollongong, speaks to Scott Sanders about the importance of 'pastoring with purpose' when developing the Ministry area of a church plant.

Vision coaching

Church planter Richard Wilson discusses the steps to developing a good vision for planting churches.

Three ‘musts’ for a clear vision

Phil Campbell, Senior Minister at Mitchelton Presbyterian Church shares three things he considers essential to developing a clear vision for your church plant.

A summer of new life

Daniel Ryan, the pastor of Northern Beaches Church, shares how a Turkish woman chose summer to start a new stage in life and ended up finding Jesus in northern Sydney.

A snapshot of Sex in Australia - and where we’re headed

Dr. Patricia Weerakoon, an internationally recognised sexoligist and Kamal Weerakoon, a Presbyterian Minister with a wealth of experience applying that research to spiritual contexts speak with Geneva Push's Craig Tucker about the changing character of sexuality in Australia today and the implications for the Australian church.

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