Should we care about church membership?

Should we care about church membership? Mark Dever and Greg Lee answer your questions about Church membership. Join Geneva Push's Executive Director Scott Sanders as he speaks with Mark Dever (Senior Pastor Capitol Hill Baptist Church is the USA) and Greg Lee (Lead Pastor at Hunter Bible Church) as

Church Planting Reefs

Geneva Push Coaching Director Craig Tucker speaks with Scott Sanders about his personal experiences with, and advice for, how to navigate "Church Planting Reefs". Among the key issues discussed are sex, money, and power, and the ways they can impact a planter's personal growth, inhibit leadership development, cause mission

What skills does a membership pastor need?

More great insights on Membership courses and strategies in our free Planter Session, Should we care about church membership? with Mark Dever and Greg Lee.

The keys to spiritual vitality

EV pastor Andrew Heard shares the practical, personal tips that have helped him maintain and restore spiritual vitality in the grind of day-to-day church planting.

Spiritual vitality for planter wives

Cathie Heard has been church planting alongside her husband Andrew for decades. In that time she has uncovered key practices that keep her spiritually 'on the boil' while coping with marriage, family and ministry.

What are the key challenges for membership?

If you valued this resource, don't miss out on the free Planter Session, Should we care about church membership? with Mark Dever and Greg Lee.

Beating Burn Out

Christian psychologist Grant Bickerton (Campus Crusade for Christ) offers practical tips and vital wisdom to church planters and workers - about how to avoid stress, relax more, and beat burn out. This August 2014 instalment of Geneva Push's Planter Sessions, is an essential resource for perseverance in Christian ministry. You

Three key areas to watch if you’re going to avoid burnout

Andrew Heard, senior pastor at EV Church, tells Mark Hadley that avoiding burnout is not all about taking regular breaks. There are three key areas ministers have to keep an eye on if they're to avoid exhausting their drive for ministry.

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