Geneva Push is an Australian Church planting network . We aim to inspire, equip and unleash a new generation of church planters dedicated to evangelising churches into existence.


Assessment and the church planting team by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard discusses the various processes he goes through to assess whether prospective and current staff members are the best choice for his church plant.  >>>

Posted: 28 August 2015
The step-by-step assessment interview by Scott Sanders, Al Stewart

Geneva Push assessment interviewer Al Stewart takes Scott Sanders step by step through his preparation for and participation in an evaluation interview for a prospective church planter. In doing so he provides an excellent resource for prospective church planters to review as they prepare for their own interviews.  >>>

Posted: 28 August 2015
Why we got assessed by Lee and Cathra Murray

Lee and Cathra Murray are preparing to plant a church in 2015. With so many things to do, find out why they put getting assessed as church planters by Geneva Push near the top of their list. Click here to find out all you need to know about church planter…  >>>

Posted: 23 August 2015
What does it mean to fail an assessment? by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard talks to Mark Hadley from Geneva Push about the importance of church planters having their plans and characters assessed - and understanding what it means when you receive a negative result. Is it the end, or just the next step? Click here to sign up for Andrew Heard's…  >>>

Posted: 22 August 2015
The A-Z of Assessment by Scott Sanders, Mikey Lynch, Greg Lee

Mikey Lynch (Director of Geneva Push) interviews Scott Sanders (Executive Director of Geneva Push) and Greg Lee (Pastor at Hunter Bible Church) about the assessment process - and what potential planters (and planting couples) should expect from it.  >>>

Posted: 20 August 2015
5 Things That Mean You’ll Fail Assessment by Andrew Heard

Al Stewart interviews EV Lead Pastor Andrew Heard on the challenges of being assessed as a church planter by Geneva Push - what it involves, what assessors look for and, most importantly, what things are likely to lead to a negative assessment. A must-watch webinar for those contemplating church planting…  >>>

Posted: 19 August 2015
The advantages of assessment by Brett Hall

Brett Hall is a Sydney Bible student who believes church planting may be in his future. Listen to him describe how he has already benefited from The Geneva Push's assessment process. Click here to find out more about being assessed as a church planter by Geneva Push  >>>

Posted: 13 August 2015
The joys of assessment by Al Stewart

Al Stewart discusses what it is like to go through a Geneva Push assessment and the key characteristics he has observed having carried them out over the past weeks. Click here to find out more about being assessed as a church planter by Geneva Push  >>>

Posted: 13 August 2015
When should you be assessed? by Andrew Heard

Experienced Australian church planter Andrew Heard, from EV Church on NSW's Central Coast, answers your questions regarding breaking ground for God. This week, when is the right time to have yourself and your church-planting plans assessed?   >>>

Posted: 11 August 2015
Establishing a music ministry in your church plant by Philip Percival

Scott Sanders speaks to Philip Percival on his experience and advice establishing music ministries in church plants. Philip worked with both country and urban church plants in Australia after graduating from Moore Theological College. He is now the director of music at St. Ebbes Church, Oxford, where he is also…  >>>

Posted: 3 August 2015
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