Geneva Push is an Australian Church planting network . We aim to inspire, equip and unleash a new generation of church planters dedicated to evangelising churches into existence.


The Re-Pot Church Model by Elliot Keane

Elliot Kean, the pastor of Richmond Baptist Church, talks about the advantages and disadvantages of building a new work on the bones of an old one, with the moderate assistance of a denomination.  >>>

Posted: 25 July 2016
How to keep mission central by Chris Ekins

Chris Ekins, senior pastor at Coast EV, talks about the steps he takes to keep mission a central part of the life of his church plant.  >>>

Posted: 25 July 2016
Church planting success: Experience by Craig Tucker

Geneva Push's Director of Coaching, Craig Tucker, reflects on the results from the 2015-2016 Australian Church Planting Study which demonstrate that experience in church planting is a key factor in the success of church plants. What form can experience take, prior to actually getting boots on the ground? How  >>>

Posted: 20 July 2016
Start something new, or strengthen something old? by Mikey Lynch, Pete Woodcock

Is it better to pioneer a new church or re-pot an old one? Geneva Push's founding director Mikey Lynch talks with UK pastor and evangelist Pete Woodcock about his experiences both pioneering new congregations from scratch, and utilizing the remnants of an older work to start something new. During  >>>

Posted: 18 July 2016
The Productive Pastor Series by Mikey Lynch, Rory Shiner

Clock, calendar and compass Rory Shiner introduces Mikey Lynch, who lays out the basics of being an organised pastor.  >>>

Posted: 13 July 2016
The blessings of ‘Intentionality’ by Andrew Heard

The higher degree of 'intentionality' the pastor of a church plant shows, the more likely his congregation is to survive the first five years of operation, according to the Australian Church Planting study commissioned by Geneva Push. EV Pastor and veteran church planter Andrew Heard digs into the details, uncovering  >>>

Posted: 6 July 2016
The value of support by Andrew Heard

The Geneva Push commissioned study of Australian Church Planting reveals that pastoral support is a key factor contributing to the longevity of new works. EV Pastor and church planting veteran church planter Andrew Heard discusses the implications of these findings for church planting in Australia. Click here to dowload your  >>>

Posted: 1 July 2016
Raising money for a building by Rod Irvine

Rod Irvine, the author of 'Giving Generously: Resourcing Local Church Ministry', delivers a seminar on the specific task of raising money for a building project.  >>>

Posted: 30 June 2016
Should you put aside money for church planting? by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard, church planter and senior pastor at EV Church gives a surprising answer to whether or not church teams should budget to give money to new church plants. He tells Mark Hadley that financial planning includes thinking about how NOT to sever the nerve between a congregation and evangelism.  >>>

Posted: 30 June 2016
Stories, the key to generosity by Chris Ekins

Chris Ekins, pastor of Coast EV, shares how he has developed a culture of generosity within his church plant by celebrating key stories of sacrifice, beginning with Jesus sacrifice for our sins.  >>>

Posted: 29 June 2016
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