Tension in women’s ministry

How do you deal with the bruised feelings that can sometimes threaten to stop women's ministry in its tracks - yours and the people you care for? Church planting wife Cathie Heard shares how she has learned to deal with tension before it can take hold and steer a

Tension in the minister’s fraternal

Tension between local ministries is a real tool in the hands of the devil to frustrate Christian fellowship and hamper the progress of the Gospel. Experienced church planter Andrew Heard shares how much weight to give to tension between local pastors, and how to stop it hamstringing your service.

Navigating the tension of marriage and ministry

This month's Planter Session webinar. Join Geneva Push's Coaching Director Craig Tucker as he speaks with Paul Tripp (pastor, author and conference speaker) and Ruth Sheath (Church planter at Lakes Evangelical Church with husband David Sheath) as they discuss their experiences of navigating marriage and ministry. 

Berkeley Life Centre

Wayne Pickford, pastor at the Berkeley Life Centre, introduces us to the church plant that is transforming some of Australia's most socially isolated citizens by bringing them the light of Christ.

Connecting in new communities

Luke Williams from Follow Baptist Church in Officer, Victoria, talks about the various practical strategies he's employed to connect with a community that doesn't have a natural centre. From school breakfasts to caring for the homeless, social ministry can have a significant effect opening doors for the Gospel.

Are you ever ready to plant?

Luke Wilson reflects on the difficulties of planting in an economically challenged region that's also an exploding new suburb, and asks if difficulties should really come between you and church planting?

Multi-mother church planting

Presbyterian church planter Richard Wilson, working in Doreen, Victoria, talks about a new 'multi-mother' model for church planting. In effect, how several churches can club together to become the basis for a new work.

The older church planter

Richard Wilson, a Presbyterian minister in Victoria, didn't start planting his new work in Doreen until he was well into his 40s. He talks about the challenges and advantages of being an older church planter.

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