Six key vision mission values

Having described the importance of churches adopting Vision Mission Values, Andrew Heard launches into the first six that should shape the way we think and witness.

What are vision mission values?

Vision Mission Values - it sounds like a bunch of business-speak, but Andrew Heard explains what they are, and how identifying them can change the way you do church for the better.

Breaking barriers to growth

This talk is part of a series on theological and practical planks for aspiring church planters, presented at the 2010 National In The Chute conference in Canberra.

Big events that actually build churches

Toby Neal is the pastor of inner-city Sydney plant Vine Church. He shares his strategy for using key events to draw the unchurched and the dechurched to commit to a new congregation.  Scott Sanders interviews Toby about the importance that celebrations and other central events have within mission, community

Pushing on when growth is slow

Church planter and Geneva Push founding director Mikey Lynch shares strategies for pushing on when growth in a new church doesn't live up to expectations.

Practical growth tips

Church planter Matt Lehman shares practical tips for suburban pastors for pushing through growth barriers to build your church from 100 to 300.

No leaders = no growth

If you’re not developing leaders, you’re heading for a brick wall. If you were to look at the leaders in your church, where did they come from? Were they trained elsewhere and you’re reaping the benefits?  Did you train them?  If you

What’s stopping your church from growing?

Growth barriers - understanding what they are, and how to overcome them is esssential for growing the membership of any fledgling ministry. Join us for our latest Planter Sessions Webinar - What's stopping your church from growing? With Ed Stetzer, Raj Gupta and Scott Sanders.

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