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Bernardi Christianiti

Trump-lite is upon us in Australia. The threatened schism between establishment political conservatism and the new anti-establishment version has erupted with the move by Senator Cory Bernardi to set up a new conservative party.  Or a conservative party, as his backers see it, given how betrayed they feel by the

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Steamroller Grief There’s that scene in Austin Powers – hilarious scene – in which the bad guy is about to be run over by a steamroller and the look on his face is one of terror. Well, when I say “about to” I mean

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Christian Snowflakery

I’ve just about finished Tony Reinke’s book on John Newton’s pastoral letters, Newton On The Christian Life: To Live is Christ and here’s what I have concluded: compared with his theological robustness in the face of trials, we’re in danger of being a culture of

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Mirrors 3rd February 2017

Francis Chan rant: be willing to model gospel mission to your family, not merely bunker down in a gated community.  Australian Stories: On resting in and wrestling with the paradox of modern Australia on Australia Day as a Christian. Funny video about how altruism can be a power play.

Repost: UTAS O Week Mission 2016 — Part 1: Overview of Process (June 2016) image
Repost: UTAS O Week Mission 2016 — Part 1: Overview of Process (June 2016)

Late last year I posted a bunch of ideas and resources from Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) that we used for inspiration for a bunch of new ideas for O Week that we trialled this year, made possible by a grant from the Tasmanian Christian Fund. In the next

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Where Are All The Skinny Jeans Pastors?

A US report indicates only one in seven senior pastors is under the age of 40.   It’s a Barna Research piece so it’s got some cred.  You can read the Christianity Today report here. The research lists nine reasons for the collapse in the younger pastor demographic,  which also

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Tempo, meter and rhythm in preaching

I was discussing with some of the Uni Fellowship staff how a poor preacher will speak with one steady rhythm and speed. It's doesn't grab you and carry you. Such preachers often have to rely on colourful illustrations, gritty application, simplistic (and sometimes gimmicky) structure and brevity

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A Short(ish) Post About A Long Leave

My family and I have just enjoyed a whopping 12 weeks of long service leave. On my first day back at work, I thought it might be good to jot down some thoughts and reflections on our extended time away from our church and ministry and city. This isn’t a

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