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Breaking barriers part 4 image
Breaking barriers part 4

- Where build capacity first? Do it by focussing on where you're weakest (Natural Church Development)? There's a truth there. Need-based.- Strategic focus - what will build capacity in the long term? Many of us have diaries that are full. Need to carve out some time to

Breaking barriers part 3 image
Breaking barriers part 3

- The bread and butter of our ministry must be disciple making. For every book on church growth, read something on discipleship. Ppl will pick up on what your church is about quickly. Make it about the word in ppl's lives.- The leader of a church plays three

Breaking barriers Part 2 image
Breaking barriers Part 2

- Growth is complex and there's plenty going on.- We preach sermons as if we have many years and there's no urgency, no heaven, no hell…- Some pastors lack ppl skills, conflict resolution skills, leadership skills etc. You'd rather have someone preaching the gospel rather

Breaking barriers 5 image
Breaking barriers 5

- Problem with women’s ministry events is that they can suck up so many resources that if we channel them elsewwhere we’d reach more of everyone, incl women.- 50ppl: sit here for any length of time, you become like a Collie: loyal to friends and bark at outsiders.

Breaking barriers by Andrew Heard Part 1 image
Breaking barriers by Andrew Heard Part 1

- The Lord gives the growth, God's providential hand is at work and God gives conversions.- Why can the same kind of church and theology in ame places grow/shrink at the same time?- Sometimes we fail to recognise what we're doing wrong, sometimes we're

If we’re serious about reaching our country image
If we’re serious about reaching our country

Says Andrew Heard, we can't find enough school halls and community centres to do it simply with churches of 100-200. At least some need to grow bigger and bigger.  

Adding staff part 8 image
Adding staff part 8

- Don't wait until you have money in the bank. You can get pledges etc. But trust they'll build ministry. Money FOR people FOR ministry.- Can start with part-time employment.  

Adding staff part 7 image
Adding staff part 7

- Adding second staff is hard because it’s effectively doubling the budget.- Ring up ppl and do fundraising pledging to build confidence that we can afford. Easier if you have a specific person to support.- Big danger is you. Know who you are and what your weaknesses are.

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