Men perish without a vision

Posted: 2 November 2015

The story is told that in 1913 Ernest Shackleton the polar explorer needed a crew for his ship the Endurance. The mission: to be the first expedition to walk across the continent of Antarctica. He posted the following advertisement in an English newspaper MEN WANTED: FOR HAZARDOUS JOURNEY. SMALL WAGES, BITTER ...
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How not to be a goose on social media

Posted: 9 June 2015

Hi all, I read this article by Mark Sayers recently on 10 Tips for Christian Leaders Who Don't Want To Become Self-promoting Jerks Online. In an age where social media comments threaten to actually swallow the substance of what's being said, I thought that it was worth sharing. My ...
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The art of resting easy

Posted: 13 August 2014

Recently I was asked to speak on a topic that set my wife laughing. “You can’t do that yourself!” she said, and as usual she’s right. The topic was ‘rest’, and my challenge is the same as that faced by many Aussie ...
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The secret of being free

Posted: 26 May 2014

We all want freedom, but here’s the irony: real freedom is found not in self-expression but in self-control. We live in a society that’s all about freedom to have or do or consume what I want when I want. But a lack of restraint is not ...
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An audience of one sets us free

Posted: 21 April 2014

Geneva Push coach Al Stewart's advice to church planters and ministry leaders: stop looking sideways. In his book Status Anxiety Alain de Botton says “Every adult life could be said to be defined by two great love stories,” namely the quest for sexual love, and the longing ...
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