G'day. How's it going?

Have you had a chance yet to check out the full-length celebration that is our most recent Planter Session? Press play below to spend some quality time savouring the many amazing ways God has been spreading the good news through the Geneva Push network around Australia.

A common thread through the “Around the Grounds” session was the postive impact felt by each church planter, due to being part of a broader Christian network. Many planters enthused about the Refresh retreats, as well as the various other opportunities to meet, share and engage with those across the network.

“I think it's really helpful to have a partnership with people who are outside of your normal network,” explained Paul Sheely from Albury. “For us, that's contact outside the Presbyterian denomination. It is exciting to have contact with people doing all kinds of different things.” 

At their first Multiply conference several years ago, Paul, his wife Margie and their core team were struck by Geneva Push's fostering of diverse approaches to the same goal. “Anything goes, you can actually try anything for Jesus in terms of church planting. There are no fixed rules; just a desire to want to serve him and proclaim his gospel. It's very liberating and to have that support and people praying for us, it's very humbling. We love it.” (To register for next year's Multiply Conference, click here)


Every month we host a new Planter Session that covers a different topic of great relevance to church planters. Click here to register for next month's interactive session “Evangelism for the Summer-Soaked Australian”, happening live from 9:30AM on November 5.