Looking to get a leg into your community through the local schools? Have your eye on teaching scripture, but not sure how to go about it? Tim Clemens, a scripture teacher at St Ives High has some resources that could save you time and money:

Greetings all

I've been a Scripture Teacher at St Ives High for the last few years. Whilst i've been there i've been working on a project called www.HighSchoolSRE.com, which i launched in January. Basically it's a resource to serve Scripture teachers and their students by providing the teacher with an easy to use, biblical and engaging scripture curriculum. Scripture teaching is an incredibly under resourced area!

So at my website, people can download an entire curriculum for only $1 a lesson and they get the Teachers Notes and Student Workbooks delivered right to their inbox.

School's off to a flying start and i'm sure there will be a bunch of church planters who either teach scripture or are trying to organise a Scripture teacher but haven't got any curriculum to give to their teacher.

Fourteen different schools are currently using my curriculum, from Tamworth to Avondale to Chatswood so it's suitable for all sorts.

I've also written a short 44 page ebook for Scripture teachers which is available for free download on the web site.

Tim Clemens

Well worth checking out Tim's web site