Peter Hughes has asked us to help him promote some grass roots support you can offer churches devestated by the Queensland floods.

We're happy to!

Dear All,

I am trying to co-ordinate partnerships between churches in Queensland and other churches, as Queensland gets back on their feet. The idea is that getting support to the churches on the ground provides a great witness to Jesus and his Gospel to the people who are in need.

At this stage the churches I have been in contact with are still working out what needs to be done, but they all need prayer. In the future they may need money, physical support and possibly teams to help rebuild. But I suspect prayer will be our main partnership and developing a network is our main priority to get information through quickly and easily. Can I ask you to sign up your church to the list of churches who are, or who are willing to help.

Soma has several volunteers who are willing to help and when the need arises they may contact you about specific needs.

The site is still being worked on, but PLEASE pass it around to whoever you think would want to jump on.


Any support you can offer passing the word around would be much appreciated!