Greetings all,

Ben Pfahlert over at MTS has carried out some research into Australia’s desperate need for new churches, according to the people actually doing grass roots ministry in the area. His findings are quite amazing and we’ve reprinted his email here in full:

Churches Needed Yesterday

Dear Friends,

I emailed you on the 30th August to get advice about where we needed 50 churches planted yesterday in Australia. Within 4-5 days I got 130 locations!!! Thanks heaps, that is AWESOME.

I have been travelling the countryside over the past 3 months during the MTS Conference season … and there is one thing I have noticed to my alarm. We are losing the urgency to reach the lost with news of Christ’s swap on the cross.

(People are saying stuff like, “Mmm, I’m not sure we need to train up anymore workers for the harvest because there just aren’t many jobs on the other side of college”. iCarumba – what sort of insanity speak is that. There may not be many “jobs” but there are upwards of 20 million non Christians going straight to hell! That’s a “job” right there.)

Hopefully this map with inspire people to “team up” with 4 or 5 other committed friends, look at the map and pray and say,

“Lord, will you help me and my friends to do the following:

1.    form an evangelistic platoon,

2.    pick a town / location on the map and

3.    help us to train up, and prepare for to reach it for Christ”.

Can I suggest you do the following with this email. Forward it to 3 of the most Gospel minded people in your network and say something like:

“Hey, I just got sent this map. The needs in Australia are great. In my opinion you have been gifted by God with the talents to gather a team and take care of reaching one of these CNY’s. Do you want to have a coffee next week to talk about it?”

I’m going to do it. Will you do it with me? Just pray and then send it out of the blue – I guarantee you the blokes / couples who receive it will be very encouraged.

Thanks again for playing your part in this. Here endeth the rant.

Your brother in Christ


You can click here to download a full copy of the Churches Needed Yesterday poster.

We’d like to add our encouragement for you to forward this message on to Gospel minded people you know.  If you discover that God has already been working in their hearts, why not suggest they get along to National In The Chute this December, or at least get in touch with us?

We’d like to do anything we can to get church planters trained up and out so we can fill these ‘vacancies’.