Take some time out to benefit from church planter Toby Neal's insights into the messages Jesus sends to the fledgling churches in the Book of Revelation, and how they relates to church planting in Australia today.

  1. Deep Love – In his first 'Confessions of a church planter' talk, Sydney church planter Toby Neal takes his audience at Multiply16 to the books of Revelation and Ephesians to examine Jesus' congratulations, criticisms and commands for the church at Ephesus.
  2. Fearless Endurance – Toby Neal continues his Confessions of a Church Planter series, focussing on Revelation's churches at Smyrna and Philadelphia. Here we discover that persecution is the birthright of the church and is only likely to increase over time.
  3. Uncompromising Truth – In his final Confessions of a Church Planter session, Toby Neal takes us to the church of Pergamum. No doubt they didn’t want to be irrelevant, yet they didn't see the danger of embracing practises that compromised the Gospel even as they preached it.