Struggling to work out how to get the most out of social media? Does Twitter make you feel like a twit? Do you know grandmas with more idea about how Facebook works? This is the book for you…

Special thanks to Dan Godden to drawing our attention to this helpful free e-book over at Church Crunch. The Church Planter's Guide to Social Media helps you understand the significance of social media for your contacts, and how to use it to build relationships electronically.

A couple of caveats – it's written for an American audience who are much more into social media than Australians are a present (for a short time!) and it won't change the fact that media are only relevant if your audience are using them. So,

Step one – find out which social media your contacts are using in your church planting area

Step two – have a read through the book

Step three – contact us if you want any suggestions