Greetings all,

This month Geneva Push has been focussing in on the power of pulling together. Christian networking introduces us to other people in God's family that may have been called to similar work, and so have lessons and skills to share that can make our own ministries easier. The resoources that follow have a practical side to them, but they also aim to inspire. These are men and women who have connected with the church planting community, and are able to share with us the great things, and great joy, God has brought about.

This month's 'networking' resources fall neatly into three categories…

Networks that have broken ground for God

Urban church planting: learnings from London – Join Geneva Push's Coaching Director Craig Tucker as he speaks with Richard Perkins (Director of the Antioch Plan) and Reuben Hunter (Pastor at Trinity West Church, London) as they discuss their experiences of Church Planting in London.

Planting Gospel Ministry and the story of Comission – Richard Coekin shares what he has learned from the church planting stage of mission, using the British network Comission as a working example.

Bigger the city, bigger the opportunity – Dan Godden, lead pastor for Salt Church, reveals how planting in the city of Wollongong has revealed to his team the power of significant spaces for creating effective opportunities to connect with the unchurched.

Networks that forge Gospel links

Networking cross-culturally – Dr. Tim Cocks, part-time church planter at Auburn Anglican Church, talks about networking in a multicultural community when you're not from the culture you're ministering to.

Connecting church planting with refugee work – Paul Webb, a church planter in Sydney's multicultural Chester Hill, talks about techniques he has used to build a ministry that integrates with the needs of a community with a high proportion of refugees.

Networks that love Jesus

The network that understands – Matt and Sarinah Paterson from Living Water in Redfern, NSW, talk about the practical ways that the Geneva Push network has demonstrated its understanding of what goes into church planting, and what it can take out of the couple involved.

The network that cares – Josh and Sarah Allen, at Laneway Church in Footscray Victoria, talk about what years of association with Geneva Push has done for their church planting plans. In particular, they share how networking with other planters and their church planting coaches have helped them transform their vision for serving God into reality. 


Hoping you find these resources not only instructional, but inspiring in your labours,

– Ed.