Greetings all,

The biggest challenge facing church planting in Australia today is not establishing new works in places that are yet to see a viable Gospel ministry. The biggest challenge is establishing new works that have it in their DNA to establish new works … and more new works. Oth

erwise the current enthusiasm for church planting will be a phenomena that will be contained to just this generation.

It's all about keeping church planting in the family.

Geneva Push firmly believes that the key to progressing church planting in Australia is to create churches that plant churches. That means that at some stage in their life cycle, church plants will see themselves entering a 'mother-daughter' planting relationship.

The good news is there are a number of key churches in Australia who have walked this path before us, and this month we're borrowing their wisdom in order to help our network think through the implications of mother-daughter planting. 

Here are a selection of great contemporary, Australian resources that will help you prepare yourself, your ministry team and your congregation to give birth to another church:

The Models of Mother-Daughter Planting – Experienced church planter Andrew Heard discusses the various models of mother-daughter church planting, and the tasks and concerns that are common to all. In particular, is the 'Mother' church prepared to bear the pain involved with planting a new work?

Lessons From Mother-Daughter Church Planting – In this month's Planter Session webinar Al Stewart interviews Paul Harrington (rector of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Adelaide) and Clayton Fopp (planter of Holy Trinity Mt Barker in 2010 – a granddaughter plant) on some of the lessons of mother/daughter church-planting. And if you're more inclined to reading than listening, here are summaries of the key points:

The Mitchellton Hub Church – Phil Campbell describes how Michelton Presbyterian developed as a church planting hub in Brisbane. And as a special bonus, Phil talks through how to go about Preparing The Mother Church To Plant.

The Big Q and A – Finishing off Multiply14, Andrew and Heather Reid, and Andrew and Cathie Heard field a wide range of questions on mother-daughter planting with a specific focus on multicultural ministry – with more than a few laughs thrown in as they observe the lighter side of working together.

Our prayer is that listening to the experiences of these pastors of mother churches will help you catch the vision for the legacy your congregation can leave to the next generation of Australians.

– Ed.