If you have a moment to pray, spend it bringing Jai and Jay-Ellen Wright and their team before God. They’re fighting to make the most of every contact in Mackay and it’s slow going at present.

Jay-Ellen also shares in her latest prayer letter how they’re having to guard their family from evil influence even as they seek to bring the light of the Gospel to lost Aussies. Few parents feel ready to give the talk about the birds and the bees; even fewer whose kids are 6 and 7.

If you haven’t seen it already, have a look at Scott Sanders’ interview with Jai on the The launch – and what happened next…

In the meantime, Jay-Ellen has these prayer points to share:

– For the bully who has been worrying their daughter to come to know Jesus and have his ways changed
– For us to help our girls process what’s gone on and for their protection
– For a godly framework on sex and marriage to be instilled in the girls hearts & wisdom for us to know how to teach this
– For wisdom and grace for Jai and I at: home & church & with each other
– We are feeling the ‘small and slow’ grind of parachute church planting, please pray for perseverance for us.

Keep them in your prayers!