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Prior to his death, Geneva Push's managing director Scott Sanders had the privilege of interviewing Mike Ovey, esteemed theologian and then the principal of Oak Hill College, one of the largest seminaries in the United Kingdom with a strong emphasis on Bible teaching as the core aspect of church leadership.

Dr. Ovey was visiting Australia at the invitation of Freedom For Faith, and in the following videos he speaks about several key aspects of ministry in the UK post parliament's decision to adopt same-sex marriage. Mike has since passed on to glory, but his insights for Christian work in an age of increasing Western persecution are invaluable for church planters in the Australian context.

Mike Ovey speaks with Scott Sanders about how the changes to same-sex marriage laws have impacted on Gospel ministry in the United Kingdom, and what lessons can be drawn for the Australian context.

Mike Ovey discusses with Scott Sanders the historic Barman Declaration – a document adopted by Christians in Nazi Germany who opposed the government's co-opting of the church. Dr. Ovey likens that struggle to Australian churches' battle to teach what the Bible in the face of opposition from the LGBTI community, and draws lessons for staying true to the Gospel.

Mikey Ovey runs through a range of pastoral issues that have arisen in the UK due to the increased attention given to same-sex attraction and his 'best-practice' for dealing with them.

Mikey Ovey speaks to Scott Sanders about the parlous state of theological education in the UK, and what Australian Christian can learn while facing the prospect of being squeezed out of schools.