Soma prayer points

Greetings all,

Here are the latest prayer points from Pete Hughe’s Soma Church plant. If you’re planning a service for this weekend, think of adding some of the prayer points below. Praying about church planting is all part of being a congregation with church planting as part of its DNA:

Pete Hughes
As we look forward to the next part of the year we can see God has lots of good things in plan for us. But we also can see we need His help.
We will run our members course again this term with new people wanting to join our community. I am excited about the number of people who are using Soma to investigate Christianity and Jesus. Please pray they keep coming and make the decision to follow Jesus.

We also have enough money to start paying Karl, one of our support staff, not just the $50 a week he was asking for but more like $100. We are also being to work on our first ‘boot camp’/ one day training conference for Gospel Community leaders for people who are looking to plant one or help people plant one in the next few years.

– Thank God for the way he has provided for us so far.
– Please pray that we would continue to raise not just the money we need, but money that will help fund our evangelistic strategies like our Gospel Communities.
– Please pray we would make the most of being a church meeting in a shopping centre, especially over the summer.
– Please pray that we would continue to be a community changed and shaped by God and His Gospel.

If you’d like to get regular updates from Pete on what’s happening with Soma, you can mail flick him a request via email.

Church planter prayer points

Greetings all,

Are you planning a service this week? Can we encourage you to add some of the following points to your public prayers? It’s all part of not just supporting church planting in Australia, but being a church that has churchplanting in its DNA.

Jai Wright – Mackay
We put off the launch we’d planned at Easter due to my health.  It’s taken a while to get back on track – though comforting to know that God has his plans and purposes in all this.  The plan now is to attempt a launch service on Sunday the 24th July.  So we’re planning and praying as a team to try invite 10 friends each along to the launch and we’ll also be dropping off 10,000 flyers in the local area.  We’ll start plotting through God’s plans and purposes as outlined in the biblical book of Ephesians on that Sunday.

* Pray God might bring along 40 adults and 30 kids to the launch day on the 24th of July.
* Pray that God would allow our group of regular attenders to grow from 8 adults and 7 kids to 25 adults and 25 kids in term 3.
* Pray God would bring along other 10-12 year old boys who love Jesus to encourage one of the young fellows on our team.
* Pray that we might see 10 people saved this year through our labours.
* Pray that God would protect our launch team from sickness or burning out through this period, but that we would all have a renewed passion for Jesus as our greatest treasure.

You can get more prayer information and updates directly from Jai by asking to be added to his regular email update.

Kind regards,


Online resources for buget church planting

Greetings all,

One of our web developer friends, Robert from Kreativ, was kind enough to share the following information for church planters looking for a good online deal for their web services:

For hosting and domain names, I use VentraIP, because its in Sydney/Melbourne and the speed is good, service is great and prices low at $39 for two years hosting for a small site $19 for domain name for 2 years

VentraIP also have a quick install from the hosting control panel to install WordPress ( without any expertise. It’s a good introductory, free CMS (content management system) for bloggers and small sites. You can get free templates/themes or low cost templates/themes that are easy to install for most people.

Thanks Robert!

And feel free to pass on any tips you think would be helpful to church planters by emailing them to us at Geneva Push.

Kind regards,


Prayer points for Ropescrossing

Can we encourage you to make churchplanting part of your church’s DNA and add some of these prayer points to your service this week? Here’s the latest from Pete and Liz Wood at Ropes Crossing Church, NSW:

Pete & Liz Wood
With our Official Launch on May 1 2011 has come an amazing month of growth. The school has been a fantastic location for us to meet, particularly as the weather gets cooler and it has been wet. There have been 34 newcomers this month with 19 returning at least once. 5 new families came to our first newcomer’s dinner to better get to know each other and find out more about Ropes Crossing Church. Your prayers and financial support has helped this happen! Thank you!

– Thank God for our Official Launch, people visiting and returning to Church and growth in numbers in all ministries.
– Pray that with rapid growth we might continue to care well for regulars, welcome newcomers such that they might
come to know and grow in Jesus
– Pray that we will still be forming and developing relationships with other people in Ropes Crossing

If you’d like to get more prayer points and information about the church plant at Ropes Crossing direct to your inbox, you can email a request to Pete and Liz Wood.

Kind regards,


Breathing life back into church-based evangelism

As our society has changed have we lost the capacity to mission together?

That’s the question being asked by Archie Poulos over at He notes that church buildings have slipped as sites for evangelism due to the smaller numbers of unconverted people in the pews.

How do we go about addressing it? I won’t steal Archie’s thunder but he has some good ideas about connecting school scripture with church services.

You can find his article here.

Who do you choose to work with?

Archie Poulos from Moore Theological College has written an interesting article over at on the attitudes we should take towards people in the Christian community who believe different things to us. He provides a helpful ‘barometer’ approach for dealing with long-term friends, measuring their change in belief before gauging your own response.

Something of particular interest to church planters will be his guidelines for working with people from other Christian traditions:

There are times when you can work with those who hold a different position to you. This will normally be to complete a specific task. For example people of different theological positions could work together for an end to the abuse of minority groups.

Who is your friend is also determined by who is your enemy. The old line that my enemy’s enemy is my friend is true. In the battle for souls, you can work with someone who trusts in the substitutionary, sacrificial death of Jesus but differs in some areas when you are fighting against those who believe the gospel truth is a fairy story and Christian faith is merely about morality.

Food for thought as we plant in communities that have a church presence, but may be unfamiliar with the Bible.



5 hints for the tech illiterate

There are one or two church planters who are masters of technology … and then there are the rest of us. If you need good advice on crafting your online presence and choosing the right tools for the job, have you checked out Steve Kryger’s blog?

Communicate Jesus is a site dedicated to ‘digital inspiration for ministry’. Steve has an excellent post up that the moment that every pastor and aspiring church planter should read:

5 principles for selecting technology for your church

Thanks Steve!

– Ed.

In search of a graphic designer

Hi All,

Geneva Push is searching for any graphic designers who have some time to support our goal to raise up a new generation of church planters across Australia.

In particular we’re looking for assistance sprucing up our promotions and hand-outs for our church planting conferences. Our community has helped increase them to the point that they’ve outstripped our limited resources.

If you have some time you’d like to donate to the cause then we’d be very keen to hear from you. Just send an email to and he’ll continue the conversation.

Yours in Christ,

Geneva Push team

Know someone in the ‘Gong?

Hopefully you’re aware that Dan and Renae Godden are on their way to Wollongong, NSW, at the end of the year to plant a church. They’re hoping that you can help them build their connections in and understanding of the city. Can you help?

This is what Dan has to say…

Hi friends.

As many of you may be aware, Renae and I are heading to Wollongong at the end of the year to begin a new gospel teaching church in the city. As you can imagine, its a daunting thing to just jump into a new city without really understanding the culture and vibe of the people living there, let alone beginning to tell people there about Jesus in a relevant way.
As we’ve talked to people about what we are doing we’ve heard many times ‘I know such-and-such who lives in wollongong’ or ‘My friend’s family live in wollongong’.
We’d love to tap into that resource!

This year one of our goals is to burn up lots of petrol driving down to the Gong to meet people. Not all necessarily people who will come and be on mission with us (although some of those would be great!) but just meeting people who can teach us about the city.
People who are christians in churches and people who don’t follow Jesus all would have something to say about their city and what a new church in the region might look like.

It would be a massive help and support to us if you were able to take five minutes to rack your brains and think about anyone you know who lives in or around wollongong. If you could email me back with their name, email address or phone number and b=maybe what suburb they are from and a bit of background that would be a huge help. Of course if you think your friends or family might think it was weird to get an email from me asking them if they want to catch up for a beer or a coffee it might be best to ask them if its ok to pass on their details.

Maybe just let me know you have some contacts and I can give you some info that you can pass on, or we can work out some way of meeting.

Otherwise just having a base of people that I have at least one degree of separation with will be a great help.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Your brother

Dan Godden

Click here to email Dan and Renae if you’ve got some names to pass on!

PS: Check out Dan’s new blog, now available on Geneva Push!