Pete Hughes at Soma church has passed on a brilliant story about how ordinary church members can take on the DNA of a church plant and find mission fields on their doorstep. He tells it best…

I have started meeting with a guy called Cam to read the Bible with weekly. Cam has spent the last 15 years living the dream, literally: drugs, sex and rock and roll. But now as he reaps some of the fruit of his sin he is realizing that he needs renewal and a new life.

The reason we are reading the Bible is because his neighbours, Chris and Anna, are from Soma and decided that their block of flats would be their mission field. Cam made an interesting comment to me about his views on Christianity when we last met.

“Unless I had met people like Chris and Anna, I would have dismissed Christianity as something that people who don’t want to think need in their life for meaning”

Cam is now reading the Bible, about a book a week, meeting with me, coming to one of the Gospel Communities and the Gathering. In his words he is still getting what the whole story is about before he makes any sort of commitment. (When we first sat down to talk he did not own a Bible and had never even picked one up in 20 years). But this is what Soma is about. Reaching people who would not have walked into a church.

Thanks Pete! And let’s not forget to pray for our brothers and sisters meeting in the Macquarie Shopping Centre in Sydney if you’re putting prayer points together for a service this weekend. Specifically they’ve asked us to:

Thank God for the way he has provided for us so far.
Please pray that we would continue to raise not just the money we need, but money that will help fund our evangelistic strategies like our Gospel Communities.
Please pray we would make the most of being a church meeting in a shopping centre, especially over the summer.
Please pray that we would continue to be a community changed and shaped by God and His Gospel.

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