Greetings all,

If you haven't seen this already we'd like to thoroughly recommend Christine Jensen's article about creating a family that values – rather than whinges about! – church.

Christian parents know just how difficult it can be to encourage a mindset that values church in little minds that might perceive it as a lot of sitting, singing and being silent. But Christine offers ten helpful points that work towards building a family culture of appreciation. In short:

  1. Go every Sunday
  2. Go with joy and expectation
  3. Arrive on time
  4. Pray as a family before you arrive
  5. Treat church as an extended family gathering
  6. Stay until the end
  7. Speak well of church
  8. Receive the word with thankfulness
  9. Look for new people and people with needs
  10. Thank the minister

Of course these are just the cliff notes. Christine has a lot more valuable detail to offer under each of these headings. So go check out Ten tips for going to church with your family, currently on the Growing Faith website published by Youthworks.

– Ed.