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The A-Z of Marriage & Ministry

Greetings all,

Geneva Push is all about church planting - under God, creating hundreds of new churches evangelised into existence across this country. But we recognise that, for most church planters, there is one ministry that comes even before that: the ministry to your marriage partner. Your family is the first congregation God gives you, and so it's very important to us as a network that we support you in supporting them. No church is really that strong, however many people come through its doors, if the couple at the heart of it are living on shakey ground.

That's why Geneva Push every year runs the Refresh Marriage Conference for its church planting couples, a free retreat that helps husbands and wives find the time to work on their relationship together. We'd really value your prayers for the couples who will be meeting this coming month in Queenland from October 17-18. And if you're keen to do more, you can donate to support Refresh here.

Geneva has also devoted this month to assembling a whole range of resources aimed at strengthening ministry marriages, as well as working with marriage in a country that's currently questioning the entire concept of this God-given institution:

Husband + Wife + Ministry

  • Joyful Marriage = Joyful ministry - Al and Kathy Stewart have been involved in professional ministry together for more than three decades. They share how they've learned to keep committed to Gospel work: by staying committed to their marriage.
  • The church planting couple - Cathie and Andrew Heard talk about their history of learning together how to plant a church as a couple, and how both understanding and practical outcomes have changed as their ministry has matured.
  • The wife's perspective - Renae Godden, the female half of the planting couple that established Salt Church in Wollongong, delivers a TED-style talk at Multiply17 about the uncertain role of the 'church planter's wife' and how she found certainty in God's mission.

Dealing with difficulties

  • Navigating the tension of marriage and ministry - This month's Planter Session webinar. Join Geneva Push's Coaching Director Craig Tucker as he speaks with Paul Tripp (pastor, author and conference speaker) and Ruth Sheath (Church planter at Lakes Evangelical Church with husband David Sheath) as they discuss their experiences of navigating marriage and ministry. 
  • Strengthening the We - Part 1 - Drawn from Refresh16, marriage and business counsellors Kim and Scott Parry-Jones, share the keys to sustaining a healthy marriage through ministry by developing the 'we' in every relationship.
  • Strengthening the We - Part 2 - Kim adn Scott Parry-Jones continue their practical guide to building up a relationship so that it can stand up under the sustained pressure of a life of ministry together.
  • How to avoid committing adultery - Ray Galea, church planter and senior Anglican Minister passes on the wisdom of Proverbs 7 and what it has to say about couples in high-pressure ministry avoiding the trap of adultery.

Marriage as a tool for reaching out

  • Encouraging marriages within your church - Cathy Tucker and her husband Craig are experienced church planters, currently building a new congregation at Scots Church in Sydney's CBD. As a counsellor, she shares with church planting wives how frequently marriage leads to Gospel conversations, and what advice she would give for dealing with this ministry opportunity.
  • Marriage Ministry as outreach - Geneva Push director and experienced church planter Andrew Heard discusses the pros and cons of using Marriage Ministry courses and other social need 'hooks' to connect with your community.

We hope the following prove as useful to you as they have to us!

- Ed. 

Posted: 9 October 2017

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