1. It’s received wisdom “Whitfield didn’t start a denomination, Wesley did”. I have just learned that’s not 100% true. Would love to learn more about this quain little denomination-ish network
  2. Group work sucks. One of reasons I’m relieved to have left institutional education behind
  3. Haha! @podcaststartup is now doing a season on church planters?! @genevapush 😀
  4. Remembered this helpful article as I was thinking about evangelical networks and ecumenicalism for my new book project
  5. Talking with @Sanders_Scott and Derek Hannah on the @genevapush podcast about the importance of being clear on Christian freedom in church planting leadership
  6. An appreciative critique of The Bible Project
  7. I’ve written critically about the thoughtless uses of the ‘family’ metaphor in Christian circles. Here’s an atheist linguistic professor writing about the use of family metaphors in sports communities. “Saying that I’m your “brother” doesn’t mean that we’re close. It means that you’re unwilling to think carefully about the nature of our relationship.”
  8. Fascinating and concerning critical article about Jordan Peterson from a friend and colleague
  9. I helped start @NewFrontDoorIT because I’m convinced ministries need help with how to use IT for the cause of the gospel, and those with IT gifts need support in using those gifts for the benefit of as many as possible. Check out our new promotional video here
  10. A beautiful and sad and lovely little documentary about inline skating, materialism, leaving the rat race and the meditative biological effects of surfing and skating. Only a rich guy can ‘drop out’ like this.
  11. This is a cool article about a therapeutic kind of male repentance.


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