From conception to reality panel

John Warner (Holy Trinity Bay, Adelaide), Chris Ekins (Coast Evangelical, Foster), Andrew Carruthers (Salt Church, Sunshine Coast).

CE – we all know conception is fun, but reality is miraculous but hard, painful, messy.AC- saved surfers go o normal churches often die a slow, painful death.JW-real estate agents are a great source of insight into new areas. They have a feel for what’s going on.


If I did it again

Chris Ekins:- Would have brought up ppl to lead Bible Study Groups.- The core group gets tired doing their work and training others to o their jobs too. I’m gonna have core group Christmas round at my place and lay the love on pretty thick.


The Geneva assessment picked me like a nose

Andrew Carruthers on Geneva assessment:- I’m an evangelist and not great at pastoring the sheep. I now need to find someone to alongside.- The assessment was affirming and Aha! This is how I need to go forward.- I’m an Out pastor, and do evangelist by heart.- I need an In pastor to clean up the mess after.


We don’t spurn the tourist visitors in Foster

And we don’t take hols during school holidays. Part of our long term strategy is to pull retirees into church in Foster. We have a big leadership drain in town. We need Christians in Foster.


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