Living Water

Matt Paterson

We are a mix of local people who get together to learn from the Bible about God’s way and about Jesus.

Some of us are followers of Jesus (Christians) but other people come along because they’re looking for a new start, or some come to have a yarn and to see what Jesus is on about. Others come along to be around people who want the best for them.

At Living Water, we are all broken and imperfect people. None of us live perfect lives.

We believe what the Bible says… That despite our failings and the way that we’ve messed things up, God still loves us. And that by putting our trust in Jesus, we are able to be saved from God’s wrath and have eternal life with Him. This is all given to us as a free gift that we don’t deserve (this is what the word ‘grace’ means).

Everyone from the community is welcome to come along. Kids are welcome to join in with our Sunday School program, run by our highly experienced and trained leaders.

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