Church Planter Assessment Tool

Church Planter Assessment Tool

The CPAT (Church Planter Assessment Tool) is a new tool Geneva Push created to provide clear feedback on your suitability for ministry & your strengths. The CPAT assessment is broken into 2 categories:

  1. Knowing your strengths
  2. Understanding your ministry style suitability

Knowing your strengths assesses you on 7 core competencies, including spiritual vibrancy, theological drive, emotional intelligence, gospel vision, courageous shepherding, evangelistic urgency and effective overseeing.

We also help you understand your ministry style suitability across 11 competencies. These include DNA Carrier, organisationally gifted, mediator, patient strategist, entrepreneur, networker, gatherer, implementer, team player, resilient entrepreneur and change agent. 

It’s important to be candid when you complete the CPAT. Your honest evaluation will help you gain a clear understanding of strengths and development needs in various areas of ministry. Your results will be kept confidential.

– Here are some example snippets from the Church Planter Assessment Tool – 

Receiving your CPAT report

Once you have completed the CPAT, you will receive a report from our team letting you know your results. The report will break down the core competencies you have been assessed on. 

For each of these core competencies you receive a spider graph showing your results. For the two categories (Knowing your strengths + Understanding your ministry style suitability) you will receive a bar graph at the beginning of each section.

Begin your CPAT today!

Like any online test, it’s always helpful to talk through your results. Geneva offers a 30 minute debrief call to go through your results and help you work out some next steps. When you complete your assessment, we’ll email you the report and organise a time (if you wish) to work through it.