Join us on 27 November for the Sydney Planters Conference.

COVID 19 has provided significant challenges to churches and Christian leaders all across Australia.  Yet the opportunities to speak to people about the broken-ness of the world, and the need for an eternal hope in Jesus is greater than it has ever been in Australia.  There is no shortage of those who need Jesus, and it’s going to take hundreds of re-energised churches and hundreds of new churches to reach the lost – which is why we need to keep planting.   

Who should come along?

If you’ve thought about, or are thinking about planting – even in the distant future – OR if you’re leading a church and want to explore different models for planting and multiplication, and the kind of leader you’ll need to be and look out for to do this well.

Where and When?

27 November 2020

9:30am – 12:30pm

Scots Church Sydney:
44 Margaret Street
Sydney NSW 2000

What's in the program?

  • Kick off at 9:30am with time in the bible;
  • Explore planting models & trends across Australia and worldwide;
  • Hear from experienced Planters & Key Leaders on two panels;
  • Spend time praying for the Gospel in NSW & across Australia;
  • Morning Tea will be provided. 

Main bible talk: Ray Galea

Ray Galea will be opening the bible and explaining the need to keep planting churches.

Ray Galea is pastor of the Multicultural Bible Ministry (MBM) Rooty Hill and married to Sandy with three children. He came to Christ in 1980 at age 20 and went from altar boy of the Catholic Church to pastor of the Anglican Church down the road in Rooty Hill. He worked as a marriage and family therapist before entering Moore Theological College and church planted and pastored MBM since leaving college.

Church Planter Panel

Toby Neal
Vine Church

Craig Tucker
Scots Church Sydney

Matt Sparks
Anchor Church

Peter Ko
South West Evangelical Church

Denominational Representatives

Al Stewart

Phil Wheeler
Sydney Anglican (ENC)

Matt Oates
NSW Presbyterian

Brian Vastra
Christian Reformed Church of Australia (CRCA)

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