What is Geneva Push?
Geneva Push is an Australian church planting network. We’re aiming to assist church planting in two ways: to help recruit, assess and strengthen church planters, as they get things started; and also to work with existing networks, churches, and denominations around the country to help us cooperate in reaching Australia for the gospel. We’ll offer support for existing networks and Geneva Push planters will be able to work with these other networks or denominations as they choose.

Who will Geneva Push appeal to?
Men and women who know they’re in for a massive challenge in planting a new church. They will recognise there is much to be gained by hooking up with a bunch of others going through the exact same pain, as well as connecting with a crowd of experienced church planters who are a few years down the track and know what mistakes to avoid and what things to do to really build healthy churches that are ‘grounded’ and ‘growing’. Geneva Push should also appeal to men and women who see opportunities to give as well as gain. As a network we can do much more than we can alone. We hope Geneva Push will build a network of planters who will multiply more planters.

What does the ‘Geneva’ refer to?
We have chosen the name “Geneva” because we trust that, under God, something of the same movement that grew out of that ancient city might happen in Australia. In the sixteenth century, by God’s grace, Geneva became the epicentre of an evangelistic drive that saw hundreds of churches planted not just in Europe but across the world, saving thousands of lives for Christ. All of it was driven by the recaptured truths of the gospel – grace alone, faith alone, Christ alone and Scripture alone. It is our prayer that God will do a similar work here in Australia. Read more here >>>


How crucial is a national approach to church planting – why not let local areas develop local solutions?
A national movement gives a big vision, and this has a profound influence on local ministry. A national movement also provides easy access to ideas and leaders around the country, which is both humbling and empowering. Finally, and in some ways least importantly, a national movement can provide some resources that are difficult for more local groups to put together.

What steps have you taken to make sure that it is a body of use to every denomination?
The best kind of church planting happens from the ground up – young men who are keen to just go for it. But Geneva Push is working hard to back that energy with the support of some great denominational structures and leaders from around the country. We will be offering things deliberately aimed at assessment and ministry coaching, we won’t be dealing with denominational stuff like setting salaries and superannuation etc. We’ll work together to put on training events, organise mentoring, providing practical resources and an accessible, supportive community.


There are other church planting networks in Australia. What will stop church planting becoming the new battlefield for Christian groups?
Christians fight when they are just sitting around with nothing constructive to do. Groups that look inward end up fighting with each other. The best way to stop Christians fighting with each other over church planting is to get them passionate about mission, and busy with that. When you’re looking outward you don’t fight with one another. When it comes to mission, the vast majority of Australians remain unreached. Geneva Push is ready to get on with the mission, cooperate with like-minded people as we are able, and not fight with people who believe the same things as us.

Crossing state and denominational boundaries, Geneva Push is clearly going to have a diverse membership. What will hold it together – practically? Spiritually?
Humility, a desire to see the lost won to Christ, a desire for fellowship, wise and gentle leadership, mutual regard, shared theological convictions, a generally shared philosophy of ministry and God the Holy Spirit. Practically speaking, Geneva Push will provide ministry coaches for assessed church planters, regular training opportunities, a well-resourced online community, regular training days and national conferences.


What is Multiply?
Put simply, Geneva Push is about raising up a generation of church planters, who will evangelise new churches into existence across Australia.

Multiply conferences provide prospective church planters with opportunities to connect with a fellowship of Australian Christians dedicated to the same goal, ask their questions, receive relavant training and have their strengths and weaknesses assessed.

What happens at a Multiply conference?
We have three primary goals for each Multiply conference:

  1. To equip and encourage church planters: We will have relevant, reformed and missional Bible input each day from a respected Christian leader, as well as lectures and seminars from experienced church planters from Australia and overseas
  2. The assessment of potential church planters: During Multiply we’ll be assessing people as church planters. This assessment is a thorough process that has been adapted with permission from Acts 29, and involves submitting questionnaires, documents and a sermon beforehand. Potential planters (usually couples) will be interviewed by a team of people experienced in ministry, and then advised on how to proceed. You can register to be assessed as you register for the Multiply conference.
  3. Build Geneva Push network: Multiply will also provide the opportunity to be involved in the on-going development of Geneva Push. We are aiming to build a network of church planters who will encourage each other, share information and ideas, and above all … get on with it!