Perth Planting Conference

COVID-19 has upended life throughout the world, including in our churches. And facing an uncertain future, those around us are asking more questions about meaning, purpose and hope than they’ve ever had to before, and we need to keep finding ways to connect with the lost and build communities that present eternal hope in the face of those questions. And we’re convinced Church Planting has been, and will be even more into the future, a key part of changing people’s eternity.

The afternoon of August 24, we’re going to be spending time considering, discussing and praying about what it looks like to build a church planting church, to raise up the next generation of church planters, and to start the journey towards church planting ourselves.

When and where is it?

August 24 from 1-5pm at Trinity Theological College Perth.

Who is this for?

If you lead a church and are grappling with how to reach the lost, trying to work out how to move towards being a church planting church, or you’re dipping your toe into the idea of planting yourself, join us for an afternoon to consider these important areas, and to plan and pray for how we can reach Perth and WA for the Gospel into the future.

What’s the program?

Starting at 1pm, we’ll:

  • Open the Bible together;
  • Look at different church planting models and trends across Australia and the Western World;
  • Discuss where the next 10 plants across Perth & Western Australia need to be;
  • Spend time praying for the Gospel in Perth & Western Australia;
  • Build a framework for how to build, not buy, the next generation of church planters;
  • Put forward guidelines for helping potential planters take the next step towards planting.

Afternoon tea will be provided, as well as the opportunity to grab dinner together afterwards.  Register today.