Learn to Lead

Registrations are open for Learn to Lead 2023

Are you a ministry apprentice or high level volunteer at your local Church? Do you oversee a ministry or would like to start a new ministry in 2023?

At Geneva Push, our vision is to see hundreds of new Churches evangelised into existence.  Our goal is that by 2030 we will see 200 more churches launched across Australia, building on the 100 launched in the past 10 years.  To do this, we’re going to need hundreds more church planters, and hundreds more leaders in those churches who will build Gospel-centred churches that are maturing God’s people and mobilising them to reach the lost.

“Learn to Lead” is a one year program that sits alongside an apprenticeship in your church, giving you access to some of the most thoughtful Christian leaders across the country, such as Greg Lee, Matt Lehman, Katy Annis, Dave Jensen, Rory Shiner, Gary Millar and Eugene Hor. 

If we’re going to reach Australia with the Gospel, and we’re going to see 200 more churches in the next 10 years, we need the next generation of leaders to have a clear vision of what it looks like to lead Gospel-centred ministries that see people come to Jesus and grow to be like him.   If that’s your heart as well, and you’re you’re a ministry apprentice or high level volunteer anywhere across Australia, you agree with the Vision and Beliefs of Geneva Push, read more below about what you can expect in “Learn to Lead” and register your interest today.

What to expect from "Learn to Lead"?


Each of the participants (trainees) in the Learn to Lead program will receive discounted access to our annual conference, Reach Australia, along with an invite to our church planting network dinner, Multiply, in May 2022.


Every month we meet together as a cohort for 2 hours. You will hear from a range of trainers across the country, delving into topics such as Leadership, mission, church ecosystems, team dynamics and moving your ministry to the next stage. Each cohort we will also spend time going through the goals and next steps for your ministry.

Online Training

Each month you will receive a range of materials to supplement your training. This content will be inline with the cohort material. We encourage you to talk through this content with your trainer each month. 


Towards the end of the year (2022), we’ll celebrate what God has done in and through your ministries.  Where possible, we’ll do this in person.

It was such a blessing taking part in the Learn to Lead program for the first year in my ministry internship. The diverse guest speakers combined with the connection to interns from other churches was invaluable- creating a safe space to learn, grow and change. To add to this there were regular follow-ups and debriefs with a suitable mentor.