Greetings all and welcome to what we plan to make the 'go-to place' for church-planting and leadership resources and insights for Aussie pastors.

The Geneva Push web site is the first of a number of online services aimed at keeping you in touch with church planting in this great brown field for the Gospel. Over the coming months you will see additional services rolled out here, as well as through The Geneva Push Facebook page, and our Twitter and e-bulletin services.

Already you'll find the beginnings of a resource library for church planters in the planning, planting and growing stages. You'll find insights on what it takes to be the leader of a grounded, growing church. You can apply to be a member of the site and gain special access to the conversations going on here. You can even apply for assessment as a church planter by The Geneva Push.

Each week we will be adding fresh, Australia content as well as a selection of the most relevant material we can mine from other experienced leaders and planters across the web. A good place to start would be checking out Andrew Heard's article on why outcome planning is essential to church growth.

But this isn't just an online library of all things church planting – it's a community. So join in by signing on as a member and posting your suggestions as to what sort of online services you'd find helpful at the bottom of this article. We can't say we'll be able to deliver everything you can dream up, but we can promise that we are a network that aims to serve.

See you online,

Mark Hadley