Welcome to Start Something New!

Here’s a quick overview of what this new initiative looks like:

The process starts by completing the online survive. You will then be sent a ‘Preliminary Strategic Document’ to complete if you move through to the second round. 

Pitch Day.
We will all meet together in Sydney for the pitch day, February 2020. From here you will share your proposal with a panel and receive feedback. We will also have a short talk, eat together over a meal and spend time praying together for these new ministries.


Each of the participants (trainees) in the Start Something New program will receive free access to our annual conference, Multiply in June of the first year. 


Once a month we will meet online as a group to discuss next steps and see where you’re at in your ministry. We will also be bringing in someone to train on specialised training for different topics. The focus of these sessions is to bring accountability, encouragement and some extra training. It will also allow you to speak into each others ministries. 

Online Training with your Trainer.
This is where a lot of your time will be spent working ‘on’ the ministry instead of ‘in’ the ministry. You and your trainer will receive a monthly email of resources for you to work through. As you work through them, we ask that you set aside two, 2hr blocks with your trainer each month to discuss the material. You will speak outside of this time about the ministry, however this is allocated specifically to talking through the material. 

Towards the end of the two years (2021), it is important that we spend time celebrating the work God has done through you and your ministry.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: madeleine@genevapush.com

In Gospel Partnership,

Madeleine Galea