Greetings all,

Did you get the opportunity to participate in our latest Planter Session webinar with Grant Bickerton, Beating Burn-out? If not, you've still got the chance courtesy of our network's online resource library. But if you did, you won't need any convincing about the value of what we're about to post.

During his presentation Grant referred to a couple of documents that might help people thinking through burn-out. Naturally we asked if we could share them with our online audience. Grant did one better – and assembled four of what he considers to be some of the most helpful articles on burn-out.

And now they're yours to share!

Pastoral Burnout and the Impact of Personal Spiritual Renewal, Rest-taking, and Support System Practices – Diane J. Chandler 

Burnout and coping among parish-based clergy – Benjamin R. Doolittle

The Impact of Behaviors upon Burnout Among Parish-Based Clergy – Benjamin R. Doolittle 

Religious Resources, Spiritual Struggles, and Mental Health in a Nationwide Sample of PCUSA Clergy – Christopher G. Ellison et. al.