Hundreds of new churches.

We’re an Australian church planting network that aims to see hundreds of new churches started across the country. We recruit, assess and strengthen church planters to evangelise new churches into existence. Together, we can see new churches reach new people with the gospel. 

We're here to help. Where are you on your journey?

Trying to work out if you’re a church planter? Have a look at this series to begin thinking if you’re the right person to consider planting a church.

We’re committed to supporting church planting couples in their journey to start new churches. Have a look at this series to learn more about Geneva Push.

We want to see existing churches that send out new churches to be planted. Trying to work out if that’s your church? Have a look at this series.

If you’re preparing to plant a church in the next few years, don’t miss out on this series. Here are key resources as you prepare to plant.

We run training courses through Church In A Box that allow churches to be continually equipped. This series introduces you to our training materials.

We setup each planting couple with experienced coaches, peer cohorts, and the Wives network to support them along the way. Learn more in this series.