Hundreds of new churches.

We’re an Australian church planting network that aims to see hundreds of new churches started across the country. We recruit, assess and strengthen church planters to evangelise new churches into existence.

Together, we can see new churches reach new people with the gospel.

We're an Australian network.

We’re an Australian network dedicated to seeing thousands of healthy, evangelistic, multiplying churches all across Australia. We work with prospective and current church leaders to help start new churches and develop established churches.

New churches that reach new people

If we’re going to reach Australia with the gospel, we need to see hundreds of new churches started. We’ve seen more than 120 churches planted across our network over the past 10 years and under God, we’re driving towards 200 more by 2030.

Healthy & growing established churches.

We also work with established churches and their leaders to help develop and grow to become more healthy, evangelistic and multiplying as churches – whenever they are in their lifecycle. We offer a 2 year leadership development program, alongside monthly coaching, church consults, and training intensives for church leaders and their teams.