Why Plant Churches?

Why plant churches? Because it’s working.

New churches are reaching new people and seeing them saved into God’s kingdom.

From the stats we’ve collected in the network, we can see that God has saved over 1,500 new people into his kingdom. That’s over 1,500 first time or recommitments to Jesus in church plants across the Geneva network in Australia.

“Church planting in Australia is working. It is mobilising groups of people to reach people who haven’t previously been reached. We’re talking about on average 1 convert per 12 members of church. Church plants are per head having a bigger impact than established churches.”

– Andrew Heard, Geneva Push Founder

New Churches Reach New People

Chapel Hill, Sydney

“I feel like I am truly alive and I now understand that there’s more to life than I understood before. God and Chapel Hill have given me what I thought I had but in reality, lacked. They’ve given me closure, comfort, love and happiness. Here, I have found more than faith, I’ve found another family.”

Trinity Grove, Adelaide

“I first came to know about God and Jesus through a friend inviting me along to church. I didn’t really know what to expect at first, but we I arrived, I found everyone so welcoming and I listened to the word of God for the first time. I kept coming along and just this past week have given my life to Christ.”

Providence Church, Brisbane

“Providence is my first church! It’s where I first heard God’s Word and it really affected my life. Through Providence, I became a Christian and got baptised! I absolutely love Providence because everyone here is family to me, and it’s a place where I can learn and grow from God’s Word.”

There is an urgent need for more churches

The number of Australians attending church each week is less than 10% and the number of people ticking no religion on the census is steadily on the rise. New churches are five times more effective than established churches at reaching people with the gospel. There is an urgent need to plant more churches across Australia.

Geneva Push church planters share with us Australia’s desperate spiritual need and the vision of the Geneva Push network.

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