Greetings all,

As we release increasing amounts of information from the Lifeways study into church planting, one of the interesting growth factors to emerge is the consistency with which planters declare their mission. Take note of the accompanying graphic and you'll see that one of the key habits that correlates with success for new works is a habit of monthly communicating their committment to multiplication – but despite that, only 33% of our churches see this as a priority!

Underlining the importance of that practice is the advice of Craig Dobbie, the leader of the Mission Team at EV Church on NSW's Central Coast. Craig has decades of experience promoting mission in church plants. Considering how difficult it is for someone to turn to Jesus in the current climate, Craig says it's extrememly important that the teams establishing new works should do everything they can to celebrate a convert's decision, not just for their sake but for the sake of the church.

Celebrating people following Jesus from Geneva Push on Vimeo.