Jai and Jay-Ellen up at Mackay have sent us the latest on their church plant launch last weekend. We thought we’d share the good news:

We’ve launched!! We didn’t have the 40 adults and 30 kids…  but PRAISE God!!!: 22 adults and 9 kids (from 4 adults and 5 kids at the very start) My friend from school and her kids came 1 man came from the flyer drop A handful of ministers from the ‘North Mackay’ region came as a support to us (we’ve been catching up fortnightly for coffee) The girl from walk up last week came back this week The launch team did a great job hosting and reaching out to the newbies There was an awesome “vibe” We all had a really great time!!! (the launch team have just ‘debriefed’ over home made cold rock 🙂 and were really pumped) So thank-you, thank-you for your prayers. I was feeling a bit despondent during the songs at the end (particularly as I had prepared kids church for 30 and had <10 :-) a fair change) but God reminded me that He's brought a new person each week for the last 4 weeks and that there are still a few irons in the fire, so to speak, and that He will build His church. Yay! Thanks guys and please pray that we would follow up well and have great follow up convos with the friends we invited but didn't come!! Lots of Love, Jay-e and Jai

Don’t forget to keep praying. The church has already received a good amount of attention from the local community with Jai’s first service rating a picture in the paper. Jai and Jay’s daughter, Amber, has taken it in to show her class. And Jay-Ellen reports that her Mum and Dad may have recruited the Motel owners where they are staying, while she and the rest of the team have had some great chats with interested locals. We’ll pass on prayer points as they arrive. – Ed.