It is revealing how UTAS has no mention of religion or spirituality in their ‘community concept’ for 2021. At best they might think it sits under ‘culture’, which is woefully inadequate.


We’re encouraging them to be more proactive in recognising a very important aspect of student community, wellbeing and intellectual life. By including it at several points, “cultural and religious celebrations”, “sport, photography, religious participation”, “formal dining, safe food events, religious fellowship” etc etc etc it triggers those in administration to think-to-think of these various, powerful points of synergy. Even, dare I say it, by only talking about “local charities” it assumes that social goods are merely horizontal, that there is no social good that comes through prayer and scripture and ritual.

Not to mention the talk of indigenous culture in the first point. It’s a lopsided respect for indigenous history and culture to leave out the spiritual dimension.