Catchy advertising slogans don’t sell rollerblades to an indifferent world. Spending too much time on catchy Christian slogans and special event talk titles is likewise not worth it. No one goes to your conference this year because of the theme… Like ‘Behold! Your God’ or ‘God’s Mission; God’s World’. Yeah. Not a major persuasion point.

Many things that show the beauty of the rollerblading vision of human flourishing slowly do their work, like a mustard seed slowly growing, for example.

There are a bunch of similar things we Christians can do as well, that contribute towards the work of getting a hearing for the gospel. These pre-evangelistic things prepare the way for gospel conversation and proclamation.


Xian Reflections is written by Mikey Lynch.

Mikey graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Arts in 2002. In 2000 he became one of the founding leaders of Crossroads Presbyterian Church where he was the lead pastor for 7 years from 2003.

Mikey now works as the Campus Director of the University Fellowship of Christians, University of Tasmania, Hobart. Mikey is the chairman of The Vision 100 Network (Tasmania) and a founding director of Geneva Push (national) – both church planting networks. He is also a chaplain at Jane Franklin Hall and the chairman of New Front Door: the Church IT Guild.

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