I love this section about prayer from Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ ‘The Reason for Revival’:

Thomas Goodwin… says, ‘Sue him for it, sue him for it.’ Do not leave him alone. Pester him, as it were, with his own promise. Tell him that what he has said he is going to do. Quote the Scripture to him. And, you know, God delights to hear us doing it, as a father likes to see this element in his own child who has obviously been listening to what his father has been saying. It pleases him. The child may be slightly impertinent, it does not matter, the father likes it in spite of that. And God is our Father, and he loves us, and he likes to hear us pleading his own promises, quoting his own words to him, and saying ‘in the light of this, can you refrain?’ It delights the heart of God. Sue him!