1. Nice to have The Good Life in the Last Days included on the booklist for the recent Single Minded Conference by Wandering Bookseller.
  2. Part 2 of Clare Smith’s articles for The Gospel Coalition Australia rightly tells us that Christians don’t need to adopt an external feminist framework to honour and protect women. Feminism(s) should push us back to discover truths in Scripture itself.But I don’t think Clare Smith gives enough weight to the fact that socially/historically it took the various feminist movements to strongly confront a lot of issues — often is wasn’t Christianity on the front foot. Don’t we need to explain why that is?
  3. Support vision and needs, not just people and stories
  4. My recent rollerblading podcast episode (draws on some James Davison Hunter towards the end) to analyse the demise of rollerblading.
  5. New book on small group leading from Matthias Media. Written by one of the staff at Hunter Bible Church, Newscastle.
  6. Listening to and really impressed by Halloween Unmasked. Not ‘just’ a horror movie. But then very few are
  7. In this episode, they discuss a doco about the ivory trade. One host says: I feel like I come from such a privileged position & I feel scared of judging. Another interjects: I can and I will. And the third says: Otherwise it’s a waste of good privilege.