I've been writing the Christian Reflections blog since 2006, first on Blogger and now through the Geneva website. There are now a large number of readers around the country (and the world). So I thought it would be a fun idea to take the blog on the road.

imagine a lo-fi conference you actually want to go to: sitting a funky lounge room in your home city, with some tasty tacos and burritos, fresh coffee and heaps of practical and provocative content.

Imagine discussions with an intimate crowd of other Christian Reflections fans processing and debating the material – and being able to continue the discussion with those who attended around the country. 


Like the Christian Reflections blog itself, the Christian Reflections National Pop-Up Blog Tour will include juicy, thought-provoking material across the following topics:

  • Evangelism
  • Preaching
  • Leadership
  • Productivity
  • Cultural engagement


  • Time: 5:30-10pm (6:30-10pm commuters special for Wollongong event)
  • Date: 8th April (Launceston, TAS), 24th April (Hobart, TAS), 29th July (Perth, WA), 10th November (Sydney, NSW), 18th June (Wollongong, NSW)
  • Cost: $45 ($30 for Tasmanian events and for Sydney commuters at Wollongong event) – all profits will go towards Mikey's mission work with AFES.
  • Mexican dinner included

To Register

Register and pay through Geneva Push's Eventbrite ticketing page here.

About Mikey

Mikey graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Arts in 2002. In 2000 he became one of the founding leaders of Crossroads Presbyterian Church where he was the lead pastor for 7 years from 2003.

Mikey now works as the Campus Director of the University Fellowship of Christians, University of Tasmania, Hobart. Mikey is the chairman of The Vision 100 Network (Tasmania) and a founding director of The Geneva Push (national) – both church planting networks. He is also the network coordinator of the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) in Tasmania and a chaplain at Jane Franklin Hall.

Mikey's ministry has focused on preaching to unchurched uni students and graduates. He is also passionate about identifying and developing future Christian leaders. Mikey is married to Nikki and is the father of Xavier, Esther and Toby. He loves cooking, fishing, watching box sets and reading.

Mikey Lynch is one of the directors of Geneva Push and regularly sharing his thoughts here on this Christian Reflections blog.

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– Ministry Training Strategy
– University Fellowship of Christians
– The Vision 100 Network

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