What can you do to actually get your small groups humming?

What can you do to actually get your small groups humming? After the ‘8 Small Group Myths’ talk at the Reach Australia 2021 Conference, Richard Sweatman’s learning lab on small groups was one of our best attended learning labs. This episode of The One Thing goes deeper into small groups by reflecting on 5 inputs for small groups.


5 small group inputs from Richard Sweatman:

  • Recruit, orient and train new leaders
  • Start new groups
  • Support leaders through team gatherings
  • Support leaders through a coach system
  • Establish a clear pathway into groups

Leading Small Groups That Thrive

Being A Small Group Leader

Episode 160: Launching Small Groups

8 small group myths from the 2021 Reach Australia Conference:

  1. Small groups are just something churches should run because everyone does it
  2. Small groups are the discipling ministry of church
  3. Small groups are mini-churches
  4. Small group leaders should be mini-pastors
  5. Small groups are a bunch of individual groups
  6. As a church grows we should start more small groups
  7. Small group leaders will just appear
  8. People will find their way into small groups and stay in them